Present Progress In Flexible Hybrid Electronics Technology (Printed Electronics Europe 2017)

Mr Marcel Grooten, Managing Director
DoMicro BV


Europe 2017 Presentation - DoMicro BV*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - DoMicro BV*

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Presentation Summary

DoMicro BV is a technology company providing a state of the art integrated manufacturing solution for flexible hybrid and printed electronics. A multifunctional and fully automated toolset enables flexible manufacturing and versatile processing of any kind of electronic structure or application. Within this toolset additive technology is key in processing multi materials, flexible substrates, parts and 3D-components. By inkjet printing technology, new capabilities arise. With conductive silver and printing of passive and active components, all kinds of applications become feasible. Circuitry, transparent conductive films, OPV electrodes, transistors on flexible substrates, OLED, Lab-on-chip, wearables, IC and MEMS integrations. New products find their application into this rapid emerging industries.

Speaker Biography (Marcel Grooten)

As Managing Director for DoMicro BV, Marcel Grooten MSc. drives the industrialisation of new production technology for flexible hybrid electronics. After graduation he started his career within Royal Philips Electronics NV, acquiring skills in equipment engineering, project management, human resources and operations. Hereafter he has been engaged in several start-up companies. His leadership and entrepreneurship is based on many years of profound knowledge, international experience and network in technical consultancy and operational executive management.

Company Profile (DoMicro BV)

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DoMicro BV is a high tech company creating value by additive technologies in electronic manufacturing. DoMicro focuses on flexible hybrid and printed electronics providing innovative technology and application solutions. For creating prototypes, pilot & small series several manufacturing technologies are integrated into an automated 'Micro Device Fab' production system. This revolutionary and reproducible manufacturing solution delivers short time to market, lower total costs, easy ramp up to volume and protected IP.
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