Printing Medical Wearable Patches (Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019)

Mr Richard Morris, Business Development Manager
Nissha GSI Technologies
United States


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Speaker Biography (Richard Morris)

Richard has worked for Nissha GSI Technologies (formerly Si-Cal Inc.) for the last 8 years developing business in the printed electronics space. Richard's focus has been prototyping and scaling customers medical devices, antennas, sensors and other functional printed circuits. Richard's background includes 15 years in rigid and flex circuit board materials (formulating, manufacture, technical service and sales) working for Sun Chemical Circuits division. In the last 15 years he has worked for various conductive / nano material ink and functional printer start-up businesses including Parelec, PChem and Soligie (Molex). Richard is a degreed Chemist.

Company Profile (Nissha GSI Technologies)

Nissha GSI Technologies is a contract manufacturer of printed electronic components. The company has over 25 years of experience manufacturing technologically advanced diagnostic and therapeutic electrodes, wearables, medical patches and sensors, heating elements, RFID and other antennas using roll-to-roll and automatic sheet-fed screen printing processes. Whether a start-up or an OEM, GSI can take a company's products off the lab bench and into high-volume production.
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