Reading The Human Mind | The Advent Of Non-Contact Neuro Monitors (Sensors USA 2017)

Mr Peter Freer, CEO
Freer Logic
United States


USA 2017 Audio Presentation - Freer Logic*

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Presentation Summary

Non-contact neuro monitors and wrist worn neuro monitors which can read the brain without touching the head are significant advancements in the field of brain monitoring. They will be presented with specific use cases including vehicular safety and cognitive function.

Speaker Biography (Peter Freer)

Peter Freer pioneered the consumer use of neuro technology. In 1994, Freer created Play Attention, an interactive neurofeedback learning system that is the currently the most widely used educational neurocognitive program for ADHD students distributed in 10 different languages. Play Attention has three randomized, controlled studies performed by Tufts University School of Medicine. All have outstanding results and have been published in three peer reviewed journals. His contributions to the field of neuroscience have garnered 7 patents with others pending. He has lectured on behalf of NASA at the National Space Society and lectured at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria. Freer is co-author of a white paper on human performance with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the United Nations. His latest work is the creation of body-based brain monitoring and non-contact neuro monitors. His team is currently working with the automotive and consumer electronics industries to integrate the technology in automobiles to monitor driver distraction and drowsiness.

Company Profile (Freer Logic)

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Located in North Carolina, Freer Logic specializes in the development and use of neuro monitors that acquire neuro signal away from the head through the body or through non-contact such as in an automobile headrest.
Freer Logic has 3 verticals; automotive, consumer electronics, and training. Automotive work focuses on in-vehicle headrests that monitor driver distraction, cognitive load, and drowsiness. Consumer use centers round body-based wearables dubbed BodyWave® technology which allow control of apps by mind alone, monitor emotions, stress, attention, peak performance, and meditation. Freer Logic trains Olympic athletes, da Vinci robotic surgeons, NASA astronauts, nuclear operators, and others.
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