RFID Sensors As Smart Object Interface In The World Of IoT (IDTechEx Sensors Europe 2016)

Mr Reinhard Jurisch, Managing Director
microsensys GmbH


Europe 2016 Presentation - microsensys GmbH*

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Presentation Summary

Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are postulated as major trends of this time. RFID and sensor technologies represent proven technology fields which are developing jointly as strong catalysts in the realization of the above trends. How the interaction in terms of functionality of energy-harvested sensors and passive radio-communication happens and what specific properties can be achieved in specific applications should be demonstrated impressively. HF and UHF solutions are discussed and the need for low power MEM sensors and their monolithic integration. In two applications stories will be shown how passive RFID sensors are working in industrial networks and flexible cloud solutions.

Speaker Biography (Reinhard Jurisch)

Reinhard Jurisch is physicist and an expert in the field of RFID product development and applications with the extensive skills of more than 25 years, especially with smart RFID sensor components. He is one of the founders and shareholders of microsensys GmbH. In his lectures he convinces each audience with a broad RFID-expertise and knowledge of the trade. Among his activity as Managing Director of microsensys since 1991 he also succeeded as the Technology Director of the international company Global ID in Switzerland for more than three years.

Company Profile (microsensys GmbH)

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microsensys operates as a successful company in the field of development and production of technically sophisticated RFID system components. Founded in 1991 in Erfurt, microsensys became the market leader for specialised RFID system solutions based on a wide standard product range in the HF and UHF frequency areas. With this range the high-tech company primarily operates in niche markets worldwide. The core competencies of our highly qualified development team are sensor integration and miniaturisation, as well as special packaging and customized product designs. The experience of 25 years in the RFID market with a wide variety of completed RFID projects in various industries and manufacturing our own products in Erfurt give microsensys the ability to respond very flexibly to specific customer requirements.
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