Smart Cells, Variable Pack, 3 Minute Charge (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017)

Mr Bert Holtappels, Founder/CEO
United States


USA 2017 Audio Presentation - TankTwo*

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Presentation Summary

Electric fuel for your tank. Tanktwo battery packs are made with thousands of egg-shaped cells. They pack randomly in a container. Each cell is smart, figuring out amongst themselves how to work together as a single large battery pack. Cells can be swapped easily in 3 minutes and battery capacity can be easily changed.

Speaker Biography (Bert Holtappels)

Bert worked 15 years in sales, BD and program management roles in Nokia. He focused on the North American retail channel operations while based in New York. Out of the global headquarters in Helsinki, Finland his main focus was carrier network sales and business development. Bert started Tanktwo in 2012.

Company Profile (TankTwo)

TankTwo logo
Tanktwo Electric Car batteries give drivers a full charge in under three minutes, yet cost less than standard battery packs. Our out-of-the-box distributed design breaks the last battery technology barrier using technologies from mobile networks and the internet.
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