Solid-State, Thin Film Micro Energy Cells Accept, Store and Deliver Harvested Energy with Unmatched Efficiency (Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2009)

Mr Richard Percival, Director, World Wide Sales
Infinite Power Solutions Inc
United States


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Presentation Summary

  • Infinite Power Solutions is supplying a postage stamp sized, rechargeable energy storage device which accepts packets of charge, tiny or continuous, from badly behaved sources, then delivers high currents which can continually power real applications
  • The cell accepts RF, Photovoltaic and Kinetic Energy, in any combination, from the appropriate passive harvester, directly and using no active components;
  • This charge is accepted and stored near losslessly, with virtually no self-discharge, assuring maintenance-free operation for decades
  • A new Micro Power Module combines passive power management electronics with the THINERGYTM Micro-Energy Cell to efficiently store harvested energy in a compact package

Speaker Biography (Richard Percival)

Richard Percival is Director of Strategic Accounts at Infinite Power Solutions in Littleton, Colorado. Mr. Percival graduated in Physics & Mathematics from St Andrews University in Scotland and began his career designing Boolean Logic in the wireless communications division at the Marconi Company, followed by a decade with National Semiconductor in the U.S. and Europe. Richard has worked as a consultant and held senior technical and business management positions throughout Europe and the United States.

Company Profile (Infinite Power Solutions)

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Infinite Power Solutions, Inc. (IPS)—a U.S. clean-technology company—is a global leader in manufacturing solid-state, rechargeable, thin-film, micro-energy storage devices. Founded in 2001, IPS is privately held with corporate headquarters and volume manufacturing in Littleton, Colo. The company is the only ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of all-solid-state, thin-film batteries and its energy storage products provide unrivalled performance, size and service life to displace conventional coin cells, supercapacitors, and other printed and solid-state micro-batteries in a variety of applications. THINERGY® Micro-Energy Cell (MEC) products are paper-thin and provide unprecedented efficiency in micro-energy storage and uniquely enable embedded power and ambient energy-harvesting solutions to create miniature, autonomous, perpetual power supply solutions. THINERGY MECs uniquely serve battery powered applications such as Bluetooth® Smart devices and other wireless sensors, active RFID tags, real-time clocks, powered cards, medical devices, and consumer electronics.
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