The Application Of Real-Time Interactive 3D VR Simulation (Wearable Europe 2017)

Dr Brendan Hafferty, Regional General Manager
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

The application of real-time interactive 3D VR simulation and modelling technology in the research and development of autonomous vehicles, and the role of this software in road safety research. The paper will focus on the simulation of vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communication using the latest interactive 3D simulation software and a range of driving simulation hardware platforms. It will also highlight how the integration of data from 3rd party industry standard micro-simulation vehicle and pedestrian modelling software can add a further dimension to the overall simulation and design process.

Speaker Biography (Brendan Hafferty)

Dr. Brendan P Hafferty- Forum8 Western Regional General Manager
Educated in Bradford, Manchester and Sheffield in the UK, Dr Hafferty obtained a first degree in Chemistry followed by a PhD in Environmental Computer Modelling.
He is a specialist in the design and implementation of 3D, Geo and GIS projects as well as in business development, marketing, project management, technical consultancy and third party partner development worldwide.
Following a period with a specialist IT marketing group, Dr Hafferty established a 3D City Modelling enterprise following which he joined forces with Forum8 in early 2009.
He is a member of the TRB Visualisation Group and the ITE in the USA.

Company Profile (Forum8)

Forum8 logo
FORUM8 is at the forefront of VR technology producing the state-of-the-art Interactive 3D VR simulation & modeling software VR-Design Studio (formerly known as UC-win/Road). Market applications include Driving Simulation, Transport & Urban Planning, Emergency Event Simulation and other applications utilizing high fidelity interactive 3D City & Environmental Modeling.
Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2017 this award winning Japanese company has offices and partners on every continent and is a member of the Institute of Transport Engineers, an associate of the Transport Research Board visualization group and a Member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Industrial Liaison Program. The company also holds the ISO 9001 quality standard.
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