The Internet of Stuff - Global Resources Online (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2017)

Mr Andrew Carrel, CTO
United Kingdom


Europe 2017 Presentation - Rezatec*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Rezatec*

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Presentation Summary

Rezatec uses remote sensing from satellite, airborne and ground instruments to put resource supply chains online to support business decision makers with 'landscape intelligence' analytics. This 'internet of stuff' integrates in-situ sensors with global satellite coverage to allow large and small scale stakeholders to manage resource supply and quality, while helping to protect the environment. An interactive platform delivers substantial cost reduction or revenue enhancement payback for users in the agriculture, forestry, water and commodity sectors.

Speaker Biography (Andrew Carrel)

As Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Carrel oversees the development and delivery of Rezatec's data products portfolio. He is a principle point of contact for delivery of the company's development programmes with academic and industrial partners across the globe. Andrew has 16 years of experience in the aerospace technology sector, previously working for Airbus and its subsidiary SSTL. A Chartered Engineer, Andrew holds BA, MSci, MSc and PhD degrees in Natural Sciences and Space Engineering.

Company Profile (Rezatec)

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Rezatec is the leading specialist geospatial data analytics company providing valuable and actionable landscape intelligence as a critical decision-support tool to help drive the smart management of land-based assets. Globally, organisations are facing new challenges as a result of environmental, climate, economic and social change along with increasing regulatory pressure across industries and sectors. There are ever-increasing demands being placed on land and its efficient use, which are being fuelled by growing populations, water and food security challenges, inefficiencies in energy infrastructure and the need for smart cities to improve resilience to change. Rezatec's decision-support tools analyse complex Big Data sets and deliver commercially valuable insight helping organisations adapt to these new pressures.
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