The New Era Of Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging: Faster, Cheaper, Lighter, Smarter (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2017)

Mr Stefan Smolenaers, CTO
InvertedPower Pty Ltd


USA 2017 Presentation - InvertedPower Pty Ltd*
USA 2017 Audio Presentation - InvertedPower Pty Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

Ubiquitous and fast charging infrastructure is essential for mass market adoption of electric vehicles. This is particularly important for commercially operated vehicles such as those involved in public transport, delivery, freight, and the upcoming mobility as a service economy. Current fast charging solutions are prohibitively expensive which has stifled infrastructure roll-out and EV adoption. InvertedPower's novel integrated technology eliminates the barriers of traditional charging methods by making charging faster, cheaper, lighter, smarter and more flexible.
InvertedPower technology intelligently repurposes the vehicle inherent high power capabilities of the motor and drive inverter to function as a high powered charge converter. This solution significantly reduces the cost and weight of each vehicle, while enabling it to charge faster and from a wider variety of inputs. Additionally, it significantly reduces the cost and size of fast charging infrastructure, enabling a better return on investment and thus economical for more extensive roll-out.
The presentation will discuss the technology benefits in a range of applications from electric trucks and buses to cars, and two wheel applications. Special attention will be given to the capability for ultra-high power charging (350kW+) and particularly a trial application for electric bus opportunity charging in Australia including a unique battery buffered charging station for the reduction of peak demand.

Speaker Biography (Stefan Smolenaers)

Stefan Smolenaers is a mechatronics engineer with more than 8 years experience in designing electric vehicle technologies. He has specific expertise in electric traction motor control algorithms and high power inverter designs. Stefan has provided engineering services and bespoke electronics for a range of electric vehicles from electric motorcycles to e-buses.

Company Profile (InvertedPower Pty Ltd)

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InvertedPower is an Australian based company founded to commercialize fast charging electric vehicle technologies. InvertedPower intends to partner with Tier 1 and OEM commercial partners to adopt new technologies to enable smarter fast charging. This includes both AC and DC charging station manufacturers, and traction drive inverter manufacturers.
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