Touch Interaction Taken To The Next Level (Sensors Europe 2017)

Dr Michael Strohmayr, CTO/CEO
Tacterion GmbH

Company Profile (tacterion GmbH)

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tacterion is a high-tech sensor and IoT company based in Munich/Germany. We develop and market the unique sensor technology called plyon® that acts as a sensor skin. plyon® is a modular sensor platform, enabling new ways of interaction by adding an intelligent layer to almost any product. The plyon® technology platform combines resistive and capacitive measurement. So the smart plyon® layer measures approximation, interaction and force on any surface, our algorithms understand how users interact with the device. Depending on the use case and the environment plyon® comes in rigid, flexible or stretchable format. New devices and even textile integration are enabled. Based on the plyon® hardware tacterion provides complete solutions including design, engineering, software development and data management.
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