Towards High-Resolution Multi-Material AM: Lepus NXT (3D Printing Europe 2015)

Rik Starmans,
TNO - Holst Centre


Europe 2015 Presentation - TNO - Holst Centre*

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Presentation Summary

A key challenge in AM is the printing of high-resolution multi-material ceramic parts. Applications vary from printed teeth to printed casts for jet engines. To address this challenge, TNO developed a machine for large area stereo-lithography. The presentation will give an overview of the novel optical engine and the high-viscosity coating technology.

Speaker Biography (Rik Starmans)

Rik Starmans has a master in applied physics from the Delft University of Technology and a master in Management Technology and Economics from the ETH Zürich. He was involved in the development of the light engine and coater for the Lepus NeXT. For the light engine, he wrote slicer software, programmed FPGA's and helped with the calibration of laser diodes. For the coater, he did a patent study and implemented a blade and an applicator bar in a self-built machine.

Company Profile (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (BMC))

Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (BMC) logo
The department of Equipment for Additive Manufacturing (EfAM) develops cutting-edge technology and high-precision machine concepts for 3D printing and layer-wise material deposition.
Among others, EfAM has developed a 3D chocolate printer, a 3D pasta printer, a high-viscous continuous inkjet system, a force feedback system for a 3D Digital Light Processing printer, a fast large area atomic layer deposition machine and biocompatible materials and ceramic slurries for stereolithography. EfAM has a track record of successful technology transfers to its business partners. For example, its experience with stereolithography was used to found two companies; Rapidshape and NextDent.
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