Using 3D Printing Technology To Personalise the Health & Wellness Market (3D Printing Europe 2019)

Melissa Snover, Founder and CEO
United Kingdom


Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Melissa developed the world's first 3D printer for confectionery to reach the consumer market. She is now utilising her patented technology to pioneer personalised health solutions across nutrition and medicine under her new brands NOURISH3D and SCRIPT3D

Speaker Biography (Melissa Snover)

Melissa Snover is an award-winning entrepreneur and who is currently the Managing Director of Katjes Magic Candy Factory and founder and CEO of Nourished. Having studied Political Science and Business Management at the University of Colorado Boulder and completing her master's degree at the University of Lancaster, Melissa started her first financial company the age of 23. As a keen vegetarian and frustrated by the lack of confectionary without animal gelatine, Melissa then founded Goody Good Stuff which was the world's first vegan and allergen free gummy sweets.
In 2015 Melissa developed the first 3D printer for confectionery to reach the consumer market, which allows candy lovers to 3D print anything from Sweet Selfies and messages to logos and 3D shapes in just 5 minutes. In just over 2 years she has launched her innovative 3D printers into retail outlets across Europe, the USA, the UAE, China, New Zealand and Australia. Her small tech start-up also gets hired to 3D print customised vegan confectionery for corporate functions and at private parties all over the world.
Melissa is now launching Nourished; the world's first truly personalised nutrition product. By utilising her innovative 3D printing technology and patented vegan encapsulation formula used in Magic Candy Factory; she has developed a way to 3D print 7 different active ingredients into one daily, personalised stack. Consumers can choose 7 different active ingredients best suited to their lifestyle and goals on the Nourished website, which are then 3D printed on demand into convenient and tasty stacks and delivered directly to the customer's door. Melissa is passionate about creating innovative products which provide customised solutions for the consumer, and which enrich their everyday lives.

Company Profile (Nourish3d)

Nourished is launching the world's first truly customised nutrition product. We have developed a revolutionary method to combine 7 different active ingredients into one daily personalised stack, using our innovative 3D printing technology and patented vegan encapsulation formula. Consumers will be able to choose their favourite vitamins and supplements on our website by either answering our short lifestyle questionnaire and taking our recommendation, or by picking their own. We will then 3D print their selection on demand in convenient and tasty stacks; and Nourish their health with less hassle, less cost and less waste than if they were to purchase their active ingredients separately.
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