Where Are Wearables and Where Are They Going? (Wearable USA 2018)

Mr Siamak (Ash) Ashrafi, CTO
United States


USA 2018 (pdf) Presentation - IDTechEx*
USA 2018 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

This talk is an overview of the origins, current state and the answer to the question of where are wearables going.
We start by examining the promise and profound benefits that wearables could have on our lives. Everything from healthcare, fitness, social interactions to personal security could be transformed by wearables.
Driven by the promise of all these benefits we find that after tons of time, effort and money spent on building wearable tech in the last decade we have little to show for it!
Trying to learn from the lessons of the past we explore how it all started. We will cover who built what, who copied whom, who bought whom, and the various ups & downs of fitness, fashion and medical wearable companies which led to this disastrous current state of affairs that left many thinking wearables are dead.
In the last section, we apply the lesson of the past, the current trends and projected future tech to show why the author believes that because of Amara's law we have a bright and exciting future in wearables which will lead to a profound revolution in fashion.

Speaker Biography (Siamak (Ash) Ashrafi)

Ash - CTO @ ZoeWave building physiologically intelligent clothing called ZoeWear. Combining biotech, mobile and fashion to build clothing that keeps people healthy while looking great*. Zoe("life")Wear "wearable for life" is built on his experience in all three fields:
BioTech - Over 15 years as a biotech researcher @ TDI working on medical biomarkers. Researching human physiology and physical biochemistry for early detection of diseases.
Mobile - As a thought leader (patents, JavaOne Rock Star & 3x Amazon Code Ninja) in mobile development, he is an enthusiastic author, teacher, and speaker helping promote the ecosystem.
Fashion - Utilizing the "Beauty of Fashion" infused with the "Magic of Technology" to promote "Life Care" building wearables.
Info Links:
I speak (a lot): https://goo.gl/7Wi8cF

Company Profile (ZoeWave)

ZoeWave logo
ZoeWave is a very early stage wearable startup focusing on real-time health analytics and diagnostics. Our main focus is building Zoe("life")Wear "wearable for life" clothing that helps keep people healthy while looking great!
The core technology is wearable sensors which analyze non-invasive biomarkers and send real-time physiological data to TensorFlow servers. The data is clustered and analyzed against baseline disease biomarkers. Continuous data collection allows for noise filtration and early detection.
The first product is called "Breathe".
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