IDTechEx Helps Clients Leverage Opportunities in the Energy Industry

IDTechEx Helps Clients Leverage Opportunities in the Energy Industry
The energy crisis, combined with the ever-pressing need to transition to net zero, is driving innovations within the energy landscape. Technology choices, material choices, and business models are shifting and evolving to meet global energy and consumer demands.
IDTechEx offer a market intelligence platform covering technology innovation in the energy sector, aiming to help clients address needs and find opportunities in the complex energy landscape.
The IDTechEx Energy Market Intelligence Subscription assesses technology innovation for the energy sector including coverage of power generation, decarbonization, energy storage, and materials.
IDTechEx's technical and commercial analysis of energy technology innovations provides a clear appraisal of complex sectors, helping clients to see the full picture of technology options and their forecast commercial opportunities, save time and resources, and assess opportunities to grow their business.
Sectors covered include nuclear power, photovoltaics, hydrogen, batteries, and decarbonization. The market intelligence subscription from IDTechEx offers clients access to the most relevant reports, data, and analysis via an interactive online platform. Frequently updated content includes over 10,000 original analyst-created slides across 40+ reports and 450+ premium articles, more than 80 forecast lines across 25+ markets, and over 600 company profiles.
All the content within a subscription is driven by highly technical/PhD domain experts embedded in the energy industry, and the subscription includes dedicated time with these experts. The team works directly with clients to understand their key objectives and needs, helping them to meet their goals.
IDTechEx research is conducted at a global level through interviews, event attendance, and proprietary analysis. IDTechEx analysts appraise the realistic commercial opportunities and outlook, based on an appraisal of the technology capabilities and their roadmaps versus incumbent solutions, and market drivers and requirements. The most cost-effective and time-efficient way to exploit this data and analysis is through a subscription.
Subscription packages are bespoke and can include research reports; analyst support time; in-depth, expert-written premium research articles on technology and market trends; company profiles with SWOT analysis; 10 and 20-year market forecasts; industry news; conference reports; webinars, and more.
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