Research Articles

by Dr Xiaoxi He

05 Oct 2020

Regional Development of Solid-State Batteries

The rapid growth of the electric vehicle market has driven the development, manufacture and sales of batteries, especially lithium-ion batteries. In the meantime, a number of companies are betting on the next big energy storage technologies. Solid-state batteries are one of them.
08 Sep 2020

The Shift to Solid-State Battery Technology is Next, reports IDTechEx

Electric vehicles are expected to include solid-state batteries as an innovative approach, according to IDTechEx's research report "Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2020-2030: Technology, Patents, Forecasts, Players".
26 Aug 2020

Future Opportunities for Thin-Film, Flexible and Printed Batteries

The battery industry has experienced enormous innovation and investment with the demand mainly from electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The 1,500 GWh market demand in 2030 indicates huge potential for batteries.
31 Jul 2020

MicroLED Displays: Getting Ready for the Future?

MicroLED, believed by many to be the next generation of display technology, has been pursued by players of LED, display, OEM, materials and so on. Differentiated from LCD and OLED, microLED is considered to be the only display technology that has no size limitation. What are the potential applications?
28 Jul 2020

Solid-State Batteries Will Create a $6 Billion Market in 2030

Solid-state batteries keep on attracting tremendous attention and investment with the maturing technologies and closeness to mass production.
10 Jul 2020

Flexible Batteries Creating a $500million Market in 2030

Battery technology is experiencing enormous investment as organizations race to meet the demand of over 1,500 GWh needed in 2030 for electric vehicles, residential and grid applications.
18 May 2020

Ubiquitous Displays Enabled by Micro-LEDs

MicroLED, believed by many as the next generation display technology, has been pursued by players from LED, display, OEM, materials and so on.
30 Apr 2020

What You Should Know About Micro-LED Displays

From mobile phones, TVs, to cars and public screens, displays have become an important component in our daily life to convey information. There is an emerging display type — micro-LED display, that has the potential to become the next-generation mainstream, with its ability to be fabricated from tiny to huge sizes.
01 Nov 2019

A Closer Look at Biosensor Technology at Sensors USA 2019

A key focus of the Sensors USA part of the IDTechEx Show! will be Point-of-Care Biosensors. Biosensor devices provide information associated with a specific health condition or disease. The general trend in biosensors is a move from testing in centralized hospitals, to the patents with point-of-care devices.
21 Jun 2019

Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage 2019-2029

Forecasts from IDTechEx report 'Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage 2019-2029'
29 May 2019

A Solid Future: New Opportunities enabled by Solid State Batteries

Solid state batteries have been considered as the avenue to the next generation energy storage solutions. According to IDTechEx's research "Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2019-2029: Technology, Patents, Forecasts, Players"
05 Feb 2019

Printed, Flexible Batteries

In this premium article below we cover some of the latest activities with printed, flexible batteries.