Research Articles

by Shazan Siddiqi

23 Mar 2022

Not So Fast: EV Charging Rates Make a Difference

Charging speeds for electric vehicles (EVs) vary, from as little as 15 minutes using an ultra-rapid 350 kW charger, to as much as 24 hours when relying on a domestic wall outlet. Eventually, we could reach a point where recharging barely takes longer than filling up with fuel.
24 Feb 2022

EV Charging Investments, Interoperability, and Innovations

There has been a ramp-up of charging infrastructure to make EV charging more widespread and publicly accessible. A holistic approach is being taken where fast chargers, destination chargers, and home chargers all play an important role in supporting the different electric segments. The industry is seeing increased investments, collaboration, and innovation that will hopefully help today's parking lots become tomorrow's charging stations.
09 Dec 2021

EV Charging as Quick as Refuelling Thanks to High Power Chargers

High Power Chargers (HPCs) refer to Level 3 DC fast charging at a rate of 50 kW or more. In general, because vehicle range and battery capacities are increasing, there is an increased ability for vehicles to accept higher charge rates.
18 Nov 2021

EV Charging Infrastructure the Key to Powering Future Mobility

Despite the roaring success of EVs, adequate charging infrastructure is lagging behind. It is a classic chicken-versus-egg scenario: do public charging stations help drive EV adoption, or does greater EV adoption demand a more comprehensive public charging infrastructure?
17 Aug 2021

The Dilemma of EV Charging Plugs

An underlying issue faced by consumers and EV makers is the inadequate number of charge points in optimal locations and having the correct connectors for their cars. Multiple co-existing standards have become a given in the past decade, and there was no sign of harmonisation visible to the public. In the relatively short history of DC fast charging systems, the background of multi-standard charging in different regions is well known at least amongst e-mobility stakeholders. This premium article reviews the different charging plugs that exist, their historical development and factors that will influence the harmonisation of DC fast charging standards in the future.