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Arjo Wiggins
3 Nov 2022

Jiva Materials

Arjowiggins is making environmentally friendly paper-based circuits.
21 Nov 2019

Printed Sensors On Paper For Smart Packaging

Arjowiggins, France
15 Nov 2018

Printed Sensors On Paper For Smart Packaging

Arjowiggins, France
17 Nov 2016

Intelligent Papers: Creating A Bridge Between Paper And The Digital World

24 Oct 2014

Arkema, CEA and Arjowiggins Creative Papers collaborative innovation

The Open Innovation for Sensors and Actuators initiative pools all three players together in substrate, materials, and integration and design technologies, with a view to offering a comprehensive ecosystem to end-users eager to demonstrate new applications and develop new products in printed electronics.
15 Nov 2013

French Atomic Energy Commission CEA Liten

Although not mentioned by name, IDTechEx believes Arjowiggins works with CEA to assess feasability for paper to be used as a substrate in printed electronics
15 Jul 2013

Paper as an alternative to PET/PEN for lower device cost

IDTechEx recently visited Arjowiggins near Lyon in France.
8 Jul 2013

Arjowiggins Creative Papers

Arjowiggins is a manufacturer of creative and technical paper. The company has launched PowerCoat, a paper substrate product with unique features focussed for the printed electronics market.
Included are:
3 Jul 2013

Award winning Powercoat paper at Printed Electronics Asia 2013

PowerCoat® is a remarkable new paper that facilitates the seamless integration of electronic functionality and printed graphics.
31 Mar 2013

DuPont Teijin Films

Arjowiggins is a producer of paper. They now use their expertise in high quality paper to make paper substrates ("Powercoat") for electronics applications. Their ambition is to replace PET as the substrate of choice.
20 Dec 2012

Arjowiggins Creative Papers showcases Powercoat

Powercoat® has been launched, a remarkable paper that facilitates the seamless integration of electronic functionality and printed graphics.
6 Dec 2012

How Our Paper Will Revolutionize Printed Electronics

Arjowiggins Creative Papers, France
29 Mar 2011

Printed electronics is now about doing business

Excitingly, the subject has now moved beyond peer reviewed academic papers to doing business. The largest European event on the subject will again be Printed Electronics Europe in Düsseldorf Germany in April 5-6 ( and it will be all about who can sell to whom and how this powerful enabling technology can transform society for the better as well as creating wealth.
11 Jul 2007

The Market for Organic and Printed Electronics

Based on the latest research by IDTechEx, reported in the new report Organic & Printed Electronics Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2007-2027, the market for printed and thin film electronics will be $1.18 billion in 2007. IDTechEx forecast the market growing to $5.06 billion by 2011, and $48.18 billion in 2027.
30 Apr 2007

Progress with Printed Electronics

The annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe conference held in Cambridge in April had grown very strongly to over 330 delegates from 20 countries. The first day of the conference was opened by Dr Peter Harrop of IDTechEx, who took the pulse of the industry.
12 Feb 2007

Printed Electronics - On Track to a Major Industry

Progress with printed and thin film electronics.