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27 Mar 2024


BeFC is a France-based startup producing bioenzymatic fuel cells, as a thin, printed, eco-friendly energy option.
18 Dec 2023

Sodium-ion Batteries 2024-2034: Technology, Players, Markets, and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi and Dr Alex Holland
1 Dec 2023

Asahi Kasei: Aqualyzer (Green Hydrogen)

Asahi Kasei Corporation is a Japanese multinational chemical company. This profile focuses on the company's Aqualyzer™ alkaline water electrolyzer (AWE) technology for production of green hydrogen.
24 Jul 2023

Icon Photonics

Icon Photonics is an early-stage company that has developed an alternative connector that facilitates easier connection between optical fibers and photonic circuits. It presented at the 'Future Flex Disruptors' session at the FLEX 2023 conference.
22 Jun 2023

Tiamat Energy — Na-ion Batteries

Tiamat are a French start-up company that were founded in 2017 based on research by the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), into Na-ion batteries. IDTechEx caught up with their CEO at Battery Show EU 2023 to learn more about their latest developments.
11 May 2023


Siquance is developing electon-spin-based quantum computers built leveraging existing semiconductor fabrication techniques.
16 Feb 2023

Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells (BeFC)

BeFC is a French startup producing enzyme and paper-based fuel cells powered by glucose. IDTechEx caught up with BeFC in an interview.
28 Oct 2022

Li-ion Battery Market 2023-2033: Technologies, Players, Applications, Outlooks and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Alex Holland
1 Aug 2022

A "Nano-Robot" Built Entirely from DNA to Explore Cell Processes

Constructing a tiny robot from DNA and using it to study cell processes invisible to the naked eye... You would be forgiven for thinking it is science fiction, but it is in fact the subject of serious research. This highly innovative "nano-robot" should enable closer study of the mechanical forces applied at microscopic levels, which are crucial for many biological and pathological processes.
4 Jan 2022


Grapheal develops wearable and disposable biosensors for continuous monitoring and on-site diagnosis.
5 Oct 2021

New Sensor Uses Photonics to Spot Killer Fruit & Veg

A recent study shows pesticides in fruit and vegetables kill 11,000 people every year and unintentionally poison 385 million worldwide. Monitoring these foods for microscopic chemicals and harmful bacteria can take days of sending small batches off to laboratories for testing and analysis. But now, a new detector is being developed to spot minute traces of these poisonous elements with photonics to give a result in minutes.
26 Nov 2020


Aqemia has developed an AI-driven de novo drug design platform for the development of novel small molecules.
21 Aug 2020


Z3DLAB has developed nano-structured titanium powders for metal additive manufacturing. IDTechEx spoke with Jean-Jacques Fouchet (Co-founder and VP Business Development)
5 Aug 2020

AI to Identify Individual Birds of the Same Species

Humans have a hard time identifying individual birds just by looking at the patterns on their plumage. An international study involving scientists has shown how computers can learn to differentiate individual birds of a same species.
26 Mar 2020

Graphene for Remote Wound Monitoring

French scientists at the Neel Institute have produced a graphene patch that records the condition of chronic wounds, such as ulcers suffered by the elderly or those with diabetes, at any time. The data can be sent from home to the hospital via mobile phone, facilitating a rapid response to possible infections.
2 Mar 2020

Thin-Film Solar Cells Generate as Much Energy as Traditional Ones

Scientists have become the first to achieve an energy efficiency of 25 percent with a thin-film solar cell. This means that this wafer-thin solar cell generates as much energy as a traditional silicon solar cell.
24 Jan 2020


NexDot is a spin-out from the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris, France.
3 Oct 2019

Stretchable and flexible biofuel cell that runs on sweat

A unique new flexible and stretchable device, worn against the skin and capable of producing electrical energy by transforming the compounds present in sweat, was recently developed. This cell is already capable of continuously lighting an LED, opening new avenues for the development of wearable electronics powered by autonomous and environmentally friendly biodevices.
13 Aug 2019

Advanced Wound Care Technologies 2020-2030

IDTechEx Report: Dr Nadia Tsao
1 Jul 2019


Grapheal have developed a transparent and flexible plaster containing graphene designed to accelerate and monitor the healing of chronic wounds.