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Mitsui & Co., Ltd
21 Jul 2020

Mitsui Mining

Mitsui Mining: Nano copper pressured and pressure-less sintering under N2 environment
13 Mar 2020

Cool Spot with Zero City Energy Consumption for Cities

Cool Tree Lite is a cool spot that provides comfort in a metropolitan area affected by the urban heat island phenomenon.
16 Oct 2019

Die Attach Materials for Power Electronics in Electric Vehicles

New IDTechEx Research report investigates the market for various die and substrate attach materials used in power electronics in various electric vehicles. It provides a comprehensive view of the industry trends, looking at the trends driving the adoption of higher performance die-attach materials.
8 Oct 2019

Klean Industries

Klean Industries uses pyrolysis to output carbon black and refined fuels from PP, PS and PE. Their process can handle high volumes of PVC and PET waste alongside the ideal polymer feedstock from post-consumer and post-industrial sources.
23 Aug 2019

BioAmber Inc

2 Aug 2019


Synvina is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avantium and uses the YXY Process to produce biobased FDCA and PEF.
29 Jul 2019

Metal sintering die attach materials, processes, and suppliers

This is part V of our article series.
29 May 2019

A Solid Future: New Opportunities enabled by Solid State Batteries

Solid state batteries have been considered as the avenue to the next generation energy storage solutions. According to IDTechEx's research "Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2019-2029: Technology, Patents, Forecasts, Players"
9 Dec 2016

Stamping technique creates functional features at nanoscale dimensions

Someday, high-tech stamping might bring us food packaging that displays a digital countdown to warn of spoiling produce, or even a window pane that shows the day's forecast, based on measurements of the weather conditions outside.
7 Jul 2016


Rachel met Byeong-Keuk Lee, Founder and President of Carima. Carima are a Korean company who manufacture and sell stereolithography 3D printers predominantly in Asia.
9 Oct 2015

General Motors

IDTechEx reports Dr. Cai's work in Lithium Sulphur Batteries at General Motors Research and Development.Dr. Cai presented her work at the Battery Show in Novi Michigan in September 2015.
1 Jun 2015

How to make continuous rolls of graphene

All the possible uses for graphene face the same big hurdle: the need for a scalable and cost-effective method for continuous manufacturing of graphene films.
30 Dec 2014

Ocean current power generation system

The unique "underwater floating type ocean current turbine system" developed by IHI and Toshiba will demonstrate power generation in a real ocean environment.
5 Dec 2014

High-temperature thermoelectric generator for U.S. military

The successful demonstration of a 1,000W TEG designed for diesel engine exhaust heat recapture.
13 Nov 2014

GMZ Energy announces self-powered gas boiler

GMZ Energy has announced the successful demonstration of a self-powered gas boiler.
6 Oct 2014

GMZ Energy announces new, high-power thermoelectric module

GMZ Energy has announced the TG16-1.0, a new thermoelectric module capable of producing twice the power of the company's first product, the TG8.
15 Aug 2014

GMZ Energy announces Scott Rackey as Vice President

GMZ Energy has announced the appointment of Scott Rackey as Vice President of Business Development.
4 Jul 2014

Valence Technology

After going IPO and later bankrupt in 2012, the company Valence Technologies reemerged from its ashes through investment coming from Carl Berg, the billionaire real state investor and venture capitalist. The company now is private. IDTechEx found Valence Technologies in the Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo in Amsterdam in June 2014.
26 Jun 2014

$30 Million in financing to meet demand for EV transit technology

Battery-electric bus manufacturer Proterra Inc. has raised more than $30 million in additional funding to accelerate further deployment of its industry-leading zero-emission EV transit technology.
12 Jun 2014

Testing of 200 watt high temperature thermoelectric generator

GMZ Energy has announced the successful demonstration of a TEG designed for automotive waste heat recapture.