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Sol Chip is a cutting edge solar technology company with long-standing expertise in the semiconductor industry. Sol Chip develops, sells and Licenses a cost-effective, compact Solar Battery technology that integrates solar energy sources to power wireless sensors and mobile electronics devices. The company offers the missing technology that will improve batteries' life or in some cases eliminate the need of a battery as a power source in low power applications.
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Sol Chip
20 Jan 2017

Autonomous wireless solar tag for precision agriculture

The Sol Chip Comm device is an ultra-compact, maintenance-free, solar-powered, wireless tag. SCC powers, controls and wirelessly connects a wide variety of sensors to the Cloud.
16 Apr 2015

Indoor solar-powered wireless mesh network

The SmartMesh IP product line achieves unsurpassed levels of networking resilience, reliability, and scalability with advanced network management and comprehensive security.
14 Apr 2014

Collaboration on solar battery development

Sol Chip has announced a collaboration agreement with Tadiran Batteries for solar battery development and marketing cooperation.
19 Apr 2013

Wireless mesh networks powered by solar energy harvesting

Sol Chip Ltd and Virtual Extension have announced the availability of high-performance Wireless Mesh Networks powered by Solar Energy Harvesting.
18 Apr 2013

IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensor Networks Awards 2013

The winners of the IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensor Networks Awards were announced at the 5th annual conference and exhibition in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday the 17th of April during the keynote sessions.
17 Apr 2013

High-Performance solar energy harvesting device

Cellergy super capacitors integrated with Sol Chip Energy Harvester showcase at Berlin Wireless Sensor Networks and Energy Harvesting Trade Show.
7 Mar 2013

SolarPrint Ltd

19 Feb 2013


22 Oct 2012

Sol Chip nominated as one of top 60 emerging startups

Sol Chip is has been nominated by EE-Times as one of the top 60 emerging startups.
11 Oct 2012

Adding solar power to microchips

In Israel, Sol Chip Ltd is developing a technology to address the needs of remote and mobile devices that operate autonomously and require prolonged battery life and improved battery charging proficiency along with reduction of environmental hazards.