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26 Nov 2020

Graphene Market & 2D Materials Assessment 2021-2031

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
23 Dec 2019

Hyperloop Test Centre to be Opened in Groningen, Netherlands

Europe's first facility to test hyperloop at high speeds will be built in the Dutch province of Groningen. The new European Hyperloop Center will be open to hyperloop developers from all over the world. This will promote cooperation, in order to accelerate the development of a technology that could offer a clean alternative to air travel.
1 Apr 2019

Tata Steel

Tata Steel has demonstrated work to grow polycrystalline CVD graphene film directly on a steel material.
27 Sep 2018

Slashed OLED production costs herald new era for lighting

A new generation of lighting products could soon be illuminating our homes and businesses after a high-profile group of researchers demonstrated that the cost of producing flexible OLED panels can be reduced by over 90%.
23 Mar 2017

Talga Resources Ltd

Talga Resources is an Australian public company possessing mines in Sweden that yield highly graphitic and conductive ores that can be directed exfoliated into graphene.
28 Apr 2015

Graphene based Coatings on Steel for Energy Storage and Conversion

Tata Steel, United Kingdom
17 Feb 2015

The Proving Factory - open for business

The Proving Factory is now officially open for business.
12 Nov 2014

Dyesol signs agreement with SPECIFIC

Dyesol signed an important agreement with SPECIFIC which marks the next step in its plan to commercialise its technology in the U.K.
22 Oct 2014

Dyesol signs letter of intent with Tata Steel

Dyesol has signed a landmark agreement with Tata Steel UK. The agreement will play a critical role in Dyesol creating a commercial base in the United Kingdom to develop, manufacture and distribute its revolutionary solid-state DSC technology.
7 Oct 2014

Libralato Ltd

Libralato is start up established from the invention from Danilo Ruggero Libralato. The company developed a new concept of rotary engine aimed at working as range extender in hybrid electric vehicles.
1 Apr 2014

Graphene/Carbon Applications as Metal Corrosion Inhibitor and Energy Applications

TATA Steel Global R&D, United Kingdom
2 Oct 2013

Graphene moves beyond the hype at the Graphene LIVE! USA Event

The Graphene LIVE! USA event has lined up top-class speakers for its business-orientated conference and tradeshow on graphene.
28 May 2013

Dye Sensitised Solar Cells- a slow growth projected

16 May 2013

DSSCs: Slow growth forecasted for 3rd generation solar technology

The market for dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) is forecasted to slowly grow to over $130 million by 2023 according to market research company IDTechEx, as discussed extensively in the newly published report Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC/DSC) 2013-2023: Technologies, Markets, Players.
5 Jan 2012

India buys more of the UK Electric Vehicle industry

They have a saying in India that the British Empire is coming back - only the headquarters will be in New Delhi this time.
26 Jul 2011

Dyesol develops solar steel process with Tata Steel, using DSC

Australia-based dye sensitized photovoltaic developer Dyesol has announced the creation of the world's largest dye sensitized steel based module, in partnership with Tata Steel in North Wales.
23 Sep 2009

Tata group invests in a start-up producing photovoltaic solar modules

Tata group invests in start-up Flisom who specialize in flexible and lightweight thin-film photovoltaic solar modules.