UniPixel Displays, Inc.

UniPixel Displays, Inc.

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Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, UniPixel, Inc. (NASDAQ: UNXL) delivers Performance Engineered Films to the Lighting, Display and Flexible Electronics markets. UniPixel's high-volume roll-to-roll or continuous flow manufacturing process offers high-fidelity replication of advanced micro-optic structures and surface characteristics over large areas. A key focus for UniPixel is developing electronic conductive films for use in electronic sensors for consumer and industrial applications. The company's newly developed UniBoss™ roll-to-roll electronics manufacturing process prints conductive elements on thin film with line widths down to ~ 5µm. The company is marketing its films for touch panel sensor, cover glass replacement, protective cover film, antenna and custom circuitry applications under the UniPixel label, and potentially under private label or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) brands. UniPixel's brands include Clearly Superior™, Diamond Guard™, InTouch Sensors™ and others. For further information, visit www.unipixel.com.
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UniPixel Displays, Inc.
9 Sep 2021

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14 Feb 2019

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12 Mar 2018

UniPixel Displays, Inc.

UniPixel offers a public company offering a high-performance and low-cost transparent conductive film technology. Their technology is based on the metal mesh concept and is produced using roll-to-roll micro embossing, printing and copper plating. There are a strong contender for challenging ITO's (indium tin oxide) dominance in the transparent conductive film business.
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8 Jan 2018

UniPixel Displays, Inc.

UniPixel has gone bankrupt: "Shares of touch-sensor technology maker UniPixel (UNXL) were briefly halted after market close this evening, and then plunged 69%, to 8 cents per share after they resumed trading, after the company said its board of directors authorized the company to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which Uni-Pixel expects to do in the next one to two business days, and that all its employees have been let go." https://www.barrons.com/articles/uni-pixel-plunges-69-going-bankrupt-all-employees-let-go-1503705889
19 Aug 2014

ITO replacements: time to take-off or fizzle out

Over the past five years there have been a large number of companies developing transparent conductive film (TCF) alternatives for ITO. Including material providers and film providers, IDTechEx have covered almost 100 organizations, working across more than 12 types of transparent conductive film technologies.
21 Nov 2013

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Uni-Pixel Display Inc, United States
22 Oct 2013

Epigem Ltd

Epigem is a privately-held company whose business model is to act as a foundry for microfluidics and transparent conductive film. They started their work on transparent conductive films in 1996/1997 and can use both photolithography and embossing to create metal mesh TCFs.
9 Oct 2013

Printed Electronics USA covers the dynamic ITO replacement market

The transparent conductive film (TCF) and glass (TCG) market is booming and fast becoming transformed. This market is forecast to grow to $6.3 billion market in 2024.
2 Oct 2013

Graphene moves beyond the hype at the Graphene LIVE! USA Event

The Graphene LIVE! USA event has lined up top-class speakers for its business-orientated conference and tradeshow on graphene.
20 Aug 2013

Embossing will influence the transparent conductive film business

Metal mesh is an emerging technology option for creating transparent conductive films. Metal mesh transparent conductors can offer low sheet resistance, reasonable optical transmission, value chain simplification, and low cost.
16 May 2013

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21 Mar 2013

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13 Nov 2009

A new technology could massively reduce costs of display panels

Here is a new technology for flat screen displays that is likely to employ printing for some layers, and like a fibre optic cable can be bendable.