Fixing Three Innovation Gaps in AR/VR Hardware

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) devices are becoming established commercial products, but they have yet to meet their full promise of revolutionizing how we interact with computing. For this to happen, substantial hardware development needs to take place: but what are the key bottlenecks here?
This webinar, delivered by IDTechEx's AR/VR Technology Analyst Sam Dale, pulls some of the most impactful insight from IDTechEx's new report, "Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality 2023-2033: Technologies, Players, and Markets", to answer the following three questions:
  • How are AR headset manufacturers attempting to crack the tricky consumer market with new approaches - and which of these are likely to see success?
  • How can hardware development support consumer VR applications to move beyond gaming?
  • To supplant the smartphone, AR headsets need to be compact, aesthetically pleasing, and usable for hours - not to mention socially acceptable. How can they get there?
IDTechEx's report contains highly detailed information on the AR/VR hardware industry, including interview-based company profiles, quantitative survey of historic headset specification and pricing data, full market forecasts for both headsets, and a range of component technologies, from optics to haptics. The presentation will provide forecast overviews and technology adoption predictions as key data points to answer the questions posed above.