How EVs Will Invigorate the Aerogel Market

The aerogel market has experienced steady historic growth, largely driven by adoption as thermal insulation in industrial applications. The additional cost of aerogels over traditional insulation materials has led to slower market progress than might have been expected. However, aerogels are finding a new application in the electric vehicle (EV) battery market, providing thermal insulation and fire protection, among other features. With the rapidly growing EV market and increased focus on fire safety, the EV market is set to dominate demand for aerogels.
This webinar is based on IDTechEx's new report, "Aerogels 2024-2034: Technologies, Markets and Players".
The presentation will cover the market drivers behind adoption of aerogels in EV battery packs as well as a look at competitive materials, aerogel manufacturers, EV market progress, and future outlook.
The webinar will include:
  • Drivers behind the greater fire safety focus in EVs
  • Battery design and evolution impacting material selection
  • Aerogels compared to other fire protection materials
  • Key players in the aerogel market for EVs and market progress
  • Outlook for the future of aerogels in EV applications


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