Metal Additive Manufacturing: Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain

IDTechEx forecast the total annual market for metal additive manufacturing to exceed $10bn by 2030. This is not before a very challenging immediate future; a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Metal additive manufacturing has been gaining traction. Increased number of use-cases, end-users progressing along the learning curve, more competition, and a maturing supply chain. The applications have been led in high-value industries most notably aerospace & defence and medical, many more are emerging in automotive, oil & gas, and beyond. These sectors have had very different fates during the global pandemic and the knock-on effect will be profound. There are some silver-linings and the long-term outlook is positive for this industry, but it will not be an easy ride.
IDTechEx has released a detailed technical market report on the topic. This is built upon a long history in the field and through extensive number of primary interviews led by their team of technology analysts. This brings the reader the most comprehensive and up to date analysis on the industry.
This webinar includes:
  • Overview of latest market forecast and key trends
  • Technology benchmarking and new entrant analysis
  • Latest in material considerations and supply chain progressions
  • Deep-dive into relevant sectors and the impact of COVID-19
This webinar shares some of the research from the new IDTechEx report, "Metal Additive Manufacturing 2020-2030".


Dr Richard Collins
Dr Richard Collins
Research Director, North America