Dr Miguel El Guendy Alumni

Miguel El Guendy is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx specializing in automotive displays. Miguel has completed his PhD thesis at the University of Cambridge where he specialized in the use of holographic displays in augmented reality (AR). Miguel also holds an MRes degree in Photonic Engineering from the University of Cambridge, and prior to that was a senior engineer at Qualcomm in the research and development of novel IoT processing units. He is based in London.
Miguel has completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge, investigating new algorithmic approaches to improving the image quality of holographic projections. The use of holography in industries such as automotive displays and augmented and virtual reality headsets has been growing in recent years, since this technology allows the projection of image with true depth cues and no loss in resolution. The poorer image quality of this technology, however, when compared to its OLED and LED counterparts for instance, remains an issue several companies and academic groups are trying to resolve, and Miguel's work was related to determining mathematical approaches to mitigating this issue.
Miguel also holds an MRes in Photonic Engineering from the University of Cambridge where he conducted projects in 5G radio over fibre and holographic displays.
Prior to his years at Qualcomm, Miguel graduated from Newcastle University with an MEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering where he specialized in telecommunications and electrical machines.
At IDTechEx, Miguel is currently focused on automotive displays where he is investigating the current evolution of the dashboard and cockpit display units as well as new innovations promising to revolutionize the industry, such as heads-up displays and front bumper displays.

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