High Density, High Reliability Packaging And Conditioning Solutions For High Performance, Harsh Environment Sensors (Sensors Europe 2019)

Mr Jean-Pierre Bertinet, Business Development - Technical Advisor


Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

For numerous applications, the development of smart sensors requires Interconnection and Packaging (I&P) technologies providing high-integration density together with a high level of reliability in constrained environments.
The presentation gives an overview of two innovative I&P solutions: one organic-based 3-D integration solution featuring a high level of integration density and one ceramic-based I&P technology providing a very high reliability level in a high temperature environment (> 250°C).

Speaker Biography (Jean-Pierre Bertinet)

Jean Pierre BERTINET is an expert in Interconnection and Packaging Technology with over 30-year experience in R&D in the field of microelectronics and integration technologies.
Mr. Bertinet has been responsible for over 10 years of advanced development programmes dedicated to Interconnection & Packaging technologies.
He then was in charge of the development of custom Multi Chip Modules, RF modules, as well as Power Modules for high performance applications.
Mr. Bertinet is now acting as Technical Advisor in the Marketing & Sales department of Thales Group Competence Centre Microelectronics in Etrelles (France).

Company Profile (Thales Group)

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Thales Group Competence Centre Microelectronics is Thales's industrial and technological competence centre for (micro)electronics packaging, interconnections and assemblies. Located in France, the site of Etrelles (Brittany) designs, engineers and manufactures high-added value electronics modules and systems dedicated to harsh environments or specific systems. With 600 skilled staff, 10000sq. m of industrial facilities of which 5700sq. m clean rooms, the GCC Microelectronics team performs pioneering work in electronic technologies to boost the performance and reliability of applications facing critical functional or packaging constraints. We provide innovative and robustified electronic solutions integrative of new generation materials and advanced interconnection and assembly processes.
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