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Thales Group Competence Centre Microelectronics is Thales's industrial and technological competence centre for (micro)electronics packaging, interconnections and assemblies. Located in France, the site of Etrelles (Brittany) designs, engineers and manufactures high-added value electronics modules and systems dedicated to harsh environments or specific systems. With 600 skilled staff, 10000sq. m of industrial facilities of which 5700sq. m clean rooms, the GCC Microelectronics team performs pioneering work in electronic technologies to boost the performance and reliability of applications facing critical functional or packaging constraints. We provide innovative and robustified electronic solutions integrative of new generation materials and advanced interconnection and assembly processes.
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Thales Group
24 Jun 2020


WAAM3D are a spin-out from Cranfield University, UK. They specialize in wire-based directed energy deposition additive manufacturing. IDTechEx spoke with Dr Filomeno Martina (CEO).
21 May 2020


dpiX is both a manufacturer of x-ray image detectors and a foundry for (primarily) backplanes. It has a Gen 4.5 line spanning 239,000 sq ft, which is the largest outside Asia. It has recently extended its capability to make flexible image sensors using amorphous silicon on flexible polyimide substrates.
26 Jun 2019

Frankfurt Laser Company

Frankfurt Laser Company are an international distributor of laser diode products and a custom laser solution provider.
10 Apr 2019

High Density, High Reliability Packaging And Conditioning Solutions For High Performance, Harsh Environment Sensors

Thales, France
8 Apr 2019

Thales develops COTS power modules for air mobility electrical systems

In a near future, using a smartphone to hail an "Air Taxi" - small, electric-powered, self-flying planes for point-to-point travel - and rising vertically into the air will become widely available to commuters.
23 Jan 2019

Bell unveils full scale design of air taxi

The air taxi, named Bell Nexus, is powered by a hybrid-electric propulsion system and features Bell's signature powered lift concept incorporating six tilting ducted fans that are designed to safely and efficiently redefine air travel.
11 Apr 2018

Graphene And Related Materials Deposition Using Spray-Gun Deposition Method: Different Applications And Industrial Implementation

THALES Research and Technology, France
11 May 2017

Graphene Based Supercapacitors Fabricated Using Spray Coating :Recent Results And Short Term Perspectives

THALES Research and Technology, France
16 Mar 2017

Graphene & 2D Materials Event Accelerating Graphene Commercialisation

The Graphene and 2D Materials Europe event will be the 10th business-focused IDTechEx exhibition and conference.
9 Mar 2017

Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2017

The field of battery energy storage is set to grow significantly over the coming years. The question that incumbents, raw materials suppliers, end users, and innovators are all asking themselves is whether Li-ion batteries will keep the lion's share of the market, or whether disruptive innovation will drive technology diversification according to applications.
28 Apr 2016

Graphene Based Supercapacitors : Results And Improvements

THALES Research and Technology, France
19 Nov 2015

Graphene Based Supercapacitors : Results and Improvements

THALES Research and Technology, France
18 Nov 2015

Graphene Based Supercapacitors : Results and Improvements

THALES Research and Technology, France
18 Nov 2015

Internet of things wireless battery nominated for IET Award

A record-breaking RF energy harvester designed by researchers from Holst Centre and the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has been shortlisted for a prestigious Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Innovation Award.
27 Oct 2015

Graphene solves the big problems in energy storage

The graphene industry is at a critical juncture for many small to medium sized companies: it is time for them to generate revenues and pre-empt any pending cash flow issues. These companies cannot often afford to take the long view, which many research groups and government are rightly taking.
19 Oct 2015

Graphene finds users in California

Graphene finds users in California (Our most exciting graphene conference so far).
22 Jul 2015

Saft li-ion battery to power the ExoMars rover

Saft has signed a contract worth over one million euros from Airbus Defence and Space Ltd to develop, qualify and test a specific lithium-ion battery system to power the ExoMars Rover vehicle.
20 Jul 2015

Air-brush deposition for high performance graphene based supercaps

Another instalment in our series on the graphene industry.
7 May 2015

Wearable Technology Europe: Event report

Last week saw IDTechEx host Wearable Technology Europe in Berlin's Estrel Conference center. The event has a unique format, co-locating with synergic industries including printed electronics, energy harvesting/storage and the Internet of Things to produce an ecosystem to catalyse innovation and commercial progress. We look forward to returning to the Estrel, Berlin on 28-19 April, 2016 for our annual European event.
6 May 2015

Highlights from Europe's Largest Event on Printed Electronics

By Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx - The 11th annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe event in Berlin was a huge success thanks to our customers and partners, with attendees coming from 47 countries! This is the largest show on the topic in Europe and, more importantly, more adopters, OEMs and technology providers announced products and showed off their impressive solutions.