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Drone Market and Industries 2021-2041 

In this new market research report on Drones, IDTechEx evaluates the key need-to-know areas to gain insight and understanding in this broad and innovative market. Drones can be used in many different situations from mapping, to agriculture, to delivery. The drones market is forecast to grow to over $22Bn by 2041; drones and their associated technologies are a key market for years to come.

AI in Medical Diagnostics 2020-2030: Image Recognition, Players, Clinical Applications, Forecasts 

This report explores the field of image recognition artificial intelligence (AI) for disease detection by breaking down its five main clinical applications. It describes emerging technologies, highlights key players and analyses market landscape for each sector. Trends, opportunities, threats and challenges (both technical and commercial) are discussed at length, thereby providing detailed insights into the current and future market for this technology.

Agricultural Robots, Drones, and AI: 2020-2040: Technologies, Markets, and Players 

The developments in agricultural robotics, machine vision, and AI will drive a deep and far-reaching transformation of the way farming is carried out. Yes, today the fleet sizes and the total area covered by new robots are still vanishingly small compared to the global agricultural industry. Yet, this should not lull the players into a false sense of security because the ground is slowly but surely shifting. Robotics and AI are enabling a revolution in affordable ultraprecision, which will eventually upend familiar norms in agrochemical supply, in agricultural machine design, and in farming practices.

机器人手术创新 2020-2030:技术、参与方与市场 


物流、仓储和配送中的移动机器人、自动驾驶车辆和无人机 2020-2040 


自动驾驶汽车和机器人的士 2020-2040:参与者、技术和市场预测 

到 2040 年,自动驾驶汽车和机器人的士服务的市场规模将达到 2.5 万亿美元,这为自动驾驶生态系统的公司提供了巨大的机遇。在这份报告中,我们全面深入分析了包括激光雷达、雷达、摄像头、AI 软件、高清地图、网络安全、5G 和 V2X 在内的实现技术,关键市场参与者以及自动驾驶的市场趋势。此报告将可供公司全面了解自动驾驶的前景,从而评估其产品和技术的定位以及商业机遇。

汽车雷达 2020-2040:设备、材料、加工、人工智能、市场和参与者 

此报告调查了雷达技术的市场,并特别关注汽车应用。它制定了全面的技术路线图,从材料、半导体技术、封装技术、天线阵列和信号处理的角度来探讨技术。报告演示了雷达技术如何发展成为能够提供密集的 4D 点云并实现目标检测、分类和跟踪的 4D 成像雷达。

激光雷达 2020-2030:技术、参与者、市场和预测 

IDTechEx 对 106 家开发独特 3D 激光雷达技术的参与者进行了全面的分析,主要针对 ADAS 和自动驾驶交通工具市场。我们基于采访的公司简介和公司背景涵盖全部 106 家参与者。预测分为六种新兴激光雷达技术和四类交通工具。到 2030 年,全球自动驾驶交通工具 3D 激光雷达市场的规模将增至 54 亿美元,其中 MEMS 激光雷达将成为最大的细分市场。

新型机器人和无人机 2018-2038:技术、预测、参与者 


机器人传感器:技术、市场和预测 2017-2027 

能够看到、感觉并根据传感反馈作出决策的超智能机器人的开发和部署预计将在未来 10 年产生巨大的社会影响,因为此类系统瞄准的市场领域比现在的机器人系统面向的市场要广阔得多。在此报告中,我们评估了机器人传感系统的市场,包括 2D & 3D 视觉和力传感,预计在未来十年将达到 161 亿美元以上。自动驾驶汽车、工业及协作机器人等各种机器人类型将如雨后春笋般蔓延并影响人们日常生活的各个方面,之所以会出现这种情况,是因为此报告中强调的相关实现传感系统的开发。

Emerging Image Sensor Technologies 2021-2031: Applications and Markets 

The market for emerging image sensors technologies includes hybrid image sensors, event-based vision, large-area solution-processable photodetectors, flexible x-ray detectors, hyperspectral imaging and extended range silicon detectors, which should both reduce costs and enable adoption within new applications. The report outlines the emerging image sensor landscape, providing an extensive technical and commercial assessment along with market forecasts.

Robot Shuttles for Smart Cities 2021-2041 

Robot shuttles are a new form of transport. Learn $20 billion sales in 2041 plus ample service income. Symmetrical, silent, zero-emission, large sliding doors for wheelchairs and fast entry and exit, they are designed for smart cities, replacing many under-utilised vehicles from school buses to manned taxis and buses. What other multipurposing? Winners? Affordable by the poor, accessible by the disabled and eliminating congestion, there is a roadmap to more.

Manned Electric Aircraft: Smart City and Regional 2021-2041 

Understand rocketing growth of zero-emission aircraft evenly split between conventional and vertical takeoff and landing in 2041 but very different in the meantime. Why are current manufacturers of aircraft up to 100 seats highly vulnerable to the newcomers? What are the most disruptive technologies and developers? Understand why battery wins but fuel cell has a place. Windows of opportunity for hybrids and retrofits, best practice, dead ends and detailed forecasts.

Air Taxis: Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft 2021-2041 

IDTechEx's "Air Taxis: Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft" report is designed to help companies understand the emerging urban air mobility market. Providing comprehensive analysis of eVTOL air taxis, from the basics of eVTOL aircraft design architectures, through to OEM players and opportunities in key enabling technologies. The report presents our TCO analysis of eVTOL operations and IDTechEx's independent 20-year forecasts for this transformative new market with considerable long-term potential.

Advanced Electric Cars 2020-2040 

In the wake of COVID-19, the new IDTechEx report 'Advanced Electric Cars 2020-2040' provides a comprehensive analysis of the global electric car industry in regional detail, and with a long-term outlook to 2040. It also provides a detailed analysis of the underlying technologies enabling the transition, from Li-ion batteries and Electric Traction Motors to Autonomous Vehicle technologies.

Sensors 2021-2041 

The sensor business is massively impacted by COVID-19, mobility reinvented, diabetes etc. Only in this report can you see the whole picture as it becomes around $250 billion in 2041.

Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Buses 2021-2040 

Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Buses 2021-2040 addresses the market drivers of electrification, how the bus is being rapidly reinvented and the outlook for pure battery electric and plug-in hybrid powertrains in buses, including the prospects for fuel cell buses. This report presents IDTechEx's new regional forecasts for electric city bus uptake, reflecting different rates of fleet electrification across China, Europe, the US, India, and the rest of the world.

Materials Informatics 2020-2030 

Material Informatics represents an R&D paradigm shift by fundamentally accelerating the time from innovation to market. There are multiple strategic approaches and already some notable success stories; missing this transition will be very costly. This report provides key insights and outlooks on the market. Through technical primary interviews, readers will get a detailed understanding of the players, business models, technology, and the application areas.

耳穿戴 2020-2030:技术、参与者及预测 


2020 年数字医疗与人工智能趋势、机遇和展望 

2018年,数字医疗领域的投资高达 81 亿美元,2019年,众多数字医疗企业成功上市。在此背景下,了解这一复杂领域中存在的机遇及其对医疗行业的影响至关重要。本报告对医疗生态系统中的数字医疗和人工智能进行了详细概述,包括数字疗法,远程医疗,远程患者监控和人工智能诊断的覆盖率。



2020-2030 年农业电动车辆与自动驾驶车辆 

了解农业、林业、草坪护理所使用的混合动力汽车和纯电动汽车,及其零排放充电微电网。陆地交通车辆是重点探讨的对象,但也涉及到无人机和水产养殖业使用的电动车辆。深入了解需求、挑战、参与者、应用、策略和关键实现技术,包括自主性。该报告贯穿最新应用实例。参见 2020-2030 年详细预测,内容涉及技术和成就的未来时间线,及技术和成就的数量和价值。

2020-2030 年采矿业电动车辆与自动驾驶车辆  


可伸缩及适形电子器件 2019-2029 

此报告为您提供了解可伸缩电子器件所需的一切。它针对这个多元化的新兴行业提供最全面最独到的见解,探讨了现有和/或正在开发的各种不同的可伸缩材料/组件,引用了 60 多种集成可伸缩电子器件的产品类型,涵盖 100 多家公司和 25 个研究机构的进展(包括针对 62 家公司的第一手初步研究),另外,还提供了按 14 个以上的材料/组件领域细分的十年市场预测。

航空航天和国防的增材制造和轻质材料 2018-2028 


针对电子/电气设备的无毒材料:大型新兴市场 2018-2028 


电子电气工程中的电池淘汰 2018-2028 

现在,数以百万计的装有电池的设备将经过重新设计,以淘汰电池,从而开启新的业务。这份 300 多页的新报告揭示了淘汰电池从而大规模部署物联网,速度"恒久"、寿命几乎无限的电动汽车以及其他系统的最新方式。了解传感器、电网及船舶等应用的相关性和技术。





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