Where to? Demonstration Street please!

Dr Harry Zervos
Where to? Demonstration Street please!
The Printed Electronics series of conferences and tradeshows hosted by IDTechEx are attended by a large number of end users from many verticals, including electronics, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, military, advertising & media and toy industries. These companies attend our events to meet with suppliers and preview what is currently available or what is becoming available in the near future.
To that end and in order to be able to give all attendees a glimpse of current and future devices, the Printed Electronics USA tradeshow will feature "Demonstration Street". New in 2010, it is a large area dedicated to showing the full range of complete working products. IDTechEx invited over the last few months companies active in the Printed Electronics field with suitable products to get involved with Demonstration Street by reserving space in order to showcase their product. The response to this initiative was very positive, leading to a multitude of different devices being added to it, with a large amount of interest by attendees and exhibitors.
Inorganic Electroluminescent sign for IDTechex's Demonstration Street by LightTape®
It will include printed flexible displays as posters, e-readers, audio paper, interactive games, OLED displays, electronics in fabrics, interactive printed controls and menus, printed RFID and much more. Flexible solar cells will also be on display, both as products already available in the market such as solar bags but also concepts and prototypes, such as solar torches and lamps that have been manufactured at Riso National Labs in Denmark.
The transition from components to final products utilizing them is not always a simple process and sometimes integration of different functionalities into a complete device is not readily showcased. On the other hand, IDTechEx events are strongly marketed to many end user markets. Attendees include brand managers and buyers that often want to see working product rather than the components through the value chain. Demonstration Street aims to facilitate the adoption of printed electronics by showcasing working products and ideas put into action to potential customers.
Some of the products you will be able to see in Demonstration Street include:
  • MWV's electronically enabled KENT cigarette package designed by T-Ink, a successful product for the company that was mainly marketed in Asian duty free stores.
  • Neuber's solar bag, incorporating a flexible organic photovoltaic cell by Konarka technologies.
  • Mflex's advanced flexible printed circuit technology, Morphpad™, integrated into the Toshiba Biblio e-book reader/mobile phone
  • Inorganic electroluminescent posters and art installations by several manufacturers/integrators of this type of technology
The Morphpad™ enabled Toshiba Biblio
In addition to these, attendees will have a chance to look at and play with all types of gadgets big and small, from a watch with an electrophoretic display and thermo-chromic battery testers to autonomous sensors operated by printed batteries and printed solar cells.
In addition, this part of the tradeshow will receive large press coverage from media beyond the printing, electronics and manufacturing sectors.
Demonstration Street is definitely one of the highlights of this year's Printed Electronics USA event, taking place in Santa Clara, California between the 30th of November and the 2nd of December.
For more information, please visit the event website at www.idtechex.com/peUSA