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24 Apr 2023

Materials for Electric Vehicle Battery Cells and Packs 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Edmondson and Dr Alex Holland
28 Mar 2023

Battery Electric & Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trains 2023-2043

IDTechEx Report: Dr Conor O'Brien
16 Dec 2022

Micro EVs 2023-2043: Electric Two-Wheelers, Three-Wheelers, and Microcars

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi
11 Oct 2022

Wireless Charging Market for Electric Vehicles 2023-2033: Technology, Players and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi and Dr James Jeffs
7 Jul 2022

Electric and Fuel Cell Trucks 2023-2043

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi
9 Mar 2021

Air Taxis: Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report:
12 Feb 2021

Sustainable Alternative Fuels 2021-2031

IDTechEx Report: Dr Alex Holland
26 Nov 2019

3D Printing Keeps Trains Running

Stratasys announced its Rail Industry Solution to help passenger trains - from long-haul to urban metros - run on time more frequently and potentially save thousands of euros a day.
2 May 2014

Sinautec Automobile Technologies

25 Dec 2013

Bombardier Inc

Bombardier Inc. is a Canadian multinational aerospace and transportation company, manufacturer of aircraft, trams, trains, buses - some are EV and others likely to be EV
Included are:
27 Feb 2013

Wireless charging of electric buses to be trialled in Germany

Regional operator Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (RNV) will carry out a pilot project to wirelessly recharge Electric buses while passengers get on and off the vehicles at bus stops along the inner city route 63 in Mannheim, Germany.
22 Dec 2012

Maxwell Technologies Inc

7 Nov 2012

Complete Energy Storage Solution for Transit System

Bombardier Transportation, Canada
7 Nov 2012

Complete Energy Storage Solution for Transit System

Bombardier Transportation, Canada
12 Oct 2012

Daimler at IAA Hannover

Europe is playing catch up in electric vehicles, even the interim hybrid versions, and although Germany has the best funded and best coordinated program in this respect, it has little to show beyond technologies shoehorned into existing platforms not designed for the purpose. When it comes to industrial and commercial vehicles, the subject of this event, Daimler is the one to watch, but not from its German base, from its Mitsubishi Fuso subsidiary in Japan.
9 Oct 2012

Supercapacitors USA presents the record breakers

The supercapacitor market continues to power up at 30% yearly with some little-known names taking some of the biggest orders at well over $10 million dollars each. These represent volume breakthroughs in applications such as train energy capture and the new application of protection and enhancement of electric car traction batteries.
4 Jun 2012

Energy recovery trial begins for diesel commuter trains

A ground-breaking collaborative research and development project on rail brake energy recovery is scheduled to commence in the second half of this year and will see Ricardo, a multi-industry consultancy for engineering, join forces with fluid power expert Artemis Intelligent Power and world-leading rail technology expert Bombardier Transportation.
23 May 2012

Hybrid bus drive systems in China move Maxwell forward

Sales of hybrid bus drive systems in China and contributions from a stop-start idle elimination system for autos in Europe and various backup power applications have enabled Maxwell to achieve sustainable year over year growth.