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7 Jan 2021

EV Material Highlights from the Battery Show

In light of the COVID-19 situation, The Battery Show and EV Tech Expo were held online in 2020 with a wide variety of topics and presenters. In this premium article, IDTechEx highlight some of the materials related talks, especially those relating to thermal management and lightweighting for electric vehicles (EVs).
20 Nov 2020

Thermal Management: Highlights from the Battery Show 2020

In light of the COVID-19 situation, The Battery Show and EV Tech Expo were held online this year with a wide variety of topics and presenters. In this article, we highlight some of the thermal management related talks, especially those from companies offering thermal management materials for the electric vehicle (EV) battery market.
30 Oct 2020

Insulectro Opens Shop With all New Printed Electronics E-Commerce Site

Insulectro has just rolled out its new on-line shopping center for conductive inks and pastes plus advanced substrates and films.
6 Oct 2020

Kyocera: Ceramic materials for 5G

Kyocera offers a broad line of semiconductor packages and assembly services based on advanced ceramic and organic material technologies.
29 Sep 2020


IDTechEx interviewed Francesco Guido, CEO of Piezoskin. They have developed a flexible, wearable, piezoelectric sensor based on AlN. We discussed their technology and business progress.
11 Aug 2020

Boosting the Performance of Circuits in High Frequency Applications

DuPont's new webinar is coming soon! Find out how DuPont is pushing the performance boundaries of circuit performance in high-frequency applications.
8 Jul 2020

In-Mold Electronics: Material Development Opportunities

In-Mold Electronics (IME) is a process that combines printed electronics with 3D forming and molding to create 3D objects with embedded electronics. The electronics can include interconnects, sensors, rigid IC or LEDs, optical waveguides, and so on.
24 Jun 2020


Provivi is a California-based company that creates novel pest control methods based on insect pheromones. With over $100 million in private funding, Provivi is a fast-emerging player in the growing biopesticides industry.
7 May 2020

Noble Biomaterials

IDTechEx interviewed Steve Milner, Senior Vice President of Sales EMEA at Noble Biomaterials. We discussed their product portfolio, technology and their role in the electronic textiles and wearable technology markets.
4 May 2020


Kebotix combines an artificial intelligence core with robotic synthesis and characterization in a self-driving laboratory that aims on the discovery of new chemicals and materials. IDTechEx interviewed their CEO (Dr Jill Becker) and Chief Product Officer (Dr Christoph Kreisbeck).
7 Apr 2020


Evogene is an Israeli company that uses computation biology to design products in life sciences-based industries. In March 2020, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Michael Dent spoke with Rivka Neufeld, Investor Relations Manager at Evogene about the company's activities in the field of agriculture.
9 Mar 2020


At Flex2020 Boeing presented a multi-modal sensor utilizing flexible hybrid electronics.
11 Feb 2020


IDTechEx interviewed David Kizer, VP Operations at Owlet. IDTechEx caught up with them about the progress of their suite of products for infant monitoring, including several wearable and e-textile products.
7 Feb 2020

SEMI-FlexTech Launches Six New Projects

SEMI-FlexTech announced the launch of six projects to accelerate sensor and sensor system innovations for new applications in industries including healthcare, automotive, industrial and defense.
7 Feb 2020

American Semiconductor Inc

American Semiconductor is a company based in Idaho, USA that has developed a process for thinning silicon chips and packaging them within a polymer. This enables flexible, durable silicon ICs, offering processing capability with a flexible form factor.
3 Feb 2020

Contorting Baby Belt Accurately measures Fetal Heart Rate

DuPont Advanced Materials has 50 years of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of specialised inks for a wide variety of printed electronic applications in the display, photovoltaic, automotive, biomedical, telecommunication and consumer products markets.
31 Jan 2020

Largest Manufacturer of PET Films Applied in Electronics

The DuPont Teijin Films (DTF) joint venture is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance PET polyester films specifically designed for use in flexible and printed electronics applications.
30 Jan 2020

Custom Designed Drone Using Advanced Materials

219 worked with DuPont to develop a custom-designed drone built with advanced technology.
29 Jan 2020


Formerly part of Plastic Logic, FlexEnable has developed a flexible organic thin film transistor (OTFT) backplane that can be produced at low temperatures. It then licenses this technology to manufacturers, with a key selling point that it can be integrated into existing LCD display fabrication lines to produce curved OLCD displays.
23 Jan 2020


Nanoco was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Manchester, UK.