Electroninks Incorporated

Electroninks Incorporated

Electroninks develops high performance conductive materials for printed electronics including precursor, Reactive Silver Inks and hybrid particle/precursor inks for applications ranging from packaging to displays. We also offer CircuitScribe - a rollerball pen filled with non-toxic conductive ink - that makes prototyping circuits as easy as doodling on a piece of paper.
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Electroninks Incorporated
24 Jul 2020

Liquid Wire

Particle free ink is also well suited to e-textiles as it permeates textile fibres, maintaining their mechanical properties (albeit at a lower conductivity).
13 Jul 2020

Liquid X

ElectronInks also make particle-free conductive inks.
17 Apr 2020

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They have partnered to print particle free conductive silver inks.
24 Mar 2020


Electroninks has commercialized particle-free conductive inks for printed electronics applications. Such inks are marketed to replace nanoparticle inks, metal paste and sputtered or deposited metals.
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21 Nov 2019

Electroninks - Updates On A Materials Centric Approach To Electronics

Electroninks Incorporated, United States
23 Oct 2019

Ynvisible Interactive announces a new partnership with Circuit Scribe

Ynvisible Interactive Inc announces a partnership with Electroninks and their consumer product line, Circuit Scribe.
30 Sep 2019

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16 Nov 2017

Electroninks: A Materials Centric Approach To Printed Electronics

Electroninks Incorporated, United States