Imprint Energy, Inc.

Imprint Energy, Inc.

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Imprint Energy is a widely-recognized leader in ultrathin, flexible, printed batteries for always-connected Internet of Things products, including smart labels, health and wellness sensors, and flexible displays. Imprint's proprietary ZincPoly™ chemistry has higher energy density, is safer, and can power communications better than thin lithium batteries. Imprint is already sampling thousands of cells and multiple partners have printed cells using their own equipment. Imprint has received extensive recognition, including the MIT Technology Review Innovators under 35 and 50 Smartest Companies. To learn more, see External Link.
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Imprint Energy, Inc.
2 Jul 2020

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17 Apr 2020

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21 Nov 2019

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Imprint Energy, United States
30 Sep 2019

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Imprint Energy, United States
18 Aug 2018

Imprint Energy, Inc.

Imprint Energy is a start-up based in Alameda, California. Their main product is ZincPoly™, with zinc and metal oxide electrodes and a non-flammable, non-toxic solid-state gel electrolyte. This battery chemistry can be screen printed
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18 Aug 2018

ProLogium Technology Corporation

The batteries are thin, laminar, flexible and extremely safe -100% self owned IP -The battery can be produced into large areas like 1m X 1m -The batteries can be manufactured reel to reel -Very high energy density
23 Jul 2018

Blue Spark Technologies

16 Nov 2017

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Imprint Energy, United States
15 Sep 2017

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Imprint Energy, Inc.United States
19 Aug 2014

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2 Jul 2014

STMicroelectronics-Thin Film Batteries

21 Nov 2013

Printed Ultra-Thin, High Capacity, Zinc Rechargeable Batteries

Imprint Energy, Inc.United States
24 Sep 2013

Kunshan Printed Electronics Co Ltd

27 Feb 2013

Thin Film Electronics

6 Dec 2012

Printed ultra-thin, high capacity, Zinc rechargeable batteries

Imprint Energy, Inc.United States
26 Jan 2012

Thinfilm builds out ecosystem for printed electronic systems

Thin Film Electronics ASA have announced technology relationships for its integrated addressable memory systems designed to help enable the "Internet of Things." Thinfilm has signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Acreo, which develops printed displays for a variety of applications.