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Naio Technologies
15 Mar

Agricultural robotics and drones: diversity of functions, forms

Our research, published in Agricultural Robots and Drones 2018-2038: Technologies, Markets and Players, describes how robotics is transforming the world of agriculture. Indeed, our previous articles have described agricultural robotics and drones could become a $28Bn and $35B industry by 2028 and 2038, respectively. In this article, we seek to demonstrate the diversity of functions, forms and fortunes that exists, and will continue to exist, in agricultural robotics.
8 Jan

Mobile robots: key to success lies in fleet productivity

Autonomous mobile robots are causing a paradigm shift in the way we envisage commercial and industrial vehicles.
26 May

Agricultural robots: bringing data to least digitised major industry

Agriculture is one of the world's least digitized major industries. This is however all about to change. Indeed, data acquisition and analytics companies are already a hot topic, and as such are subject to growing capital investments. This trend is captured in the figure below.
22 Sep

Robotics is the future of agrochemicals business

Crop protection, chemicals and robotics at first appear totally unrelated, yet IDTechEx Research finds that steady improvements in agricultural robotics will, slowly but surely, fundamentally alter the crop protection chemicals business.
8 Jul

Naio Technologies

Naio Technologies is a French start-up focused on agriculture robots. They expect a turn-over of 1m Euros this year, putting ahead of many others in terms of current commercial success.
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8 Jul

SwarmFarm Robotics

We recently caught up with Mr Andrew Bate, CEO and co-founder of SwarmFarm Robotics, an Australian agricultural robotics company that launched only just a few months ago but also has some commercial operations.
6 Jul

DeepField Robotics

6 Jul

Blue River Technology