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IIMAK and Nanodynamics have teamed up to commercialize functional electronic inks for both analog and digital printing. Conductive inks using traditional printing technologies can be used to mass-produce extremely thin, flexible and inexpensive electronic circuits. Digital conductive inks are applicable in variable on-demand, on-site, or customized printing. For more information visit
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23 Mar 2009

Copper particles electrify paper

The Polymer Chemistry Research Group at the University of Helsinki, Finland, has succeeded in producing nano-sized metallic copper particles that when reduced to nano-scale, the properties of the material undergo substantial changes.
21 Jul 2008

Replacing printed silver with copper

The spot price of silver is up over 50% in the past 12 months and it continues to trend upward because silver supplies are falling fast while demand from China, India, Russia and Eastern Europe is climbing. As a reult, a lot of work is underway for alternatives.
4 Apr 2008

NanoDynamics exhibits nano-scale metals at Printed Electronics Europe

NanoDynamics will display its selection of metal flakes and powders for printed electronics industry applications at Printed Electronics Europe, April 8-9, 2008 in Dresden, Germany.
13 Jun 2007

Inorganic Printed Electronics - The Great Opportunity

The future $300 billion market for printed electronics is emerging via thin film electronics. The contribution of organic materials to this is greatly publicized but the best devices being developed usually rely on inorganic or combined inorganic/organic technology. The more select groups developing these inorganic materials and devices have a great future. IDTechEx has published the first study on Inorganic Printed and Thin Film Electronics. Here Dr Peter Harrop summarises some of the findings.
3 Apr 2007

Europe Takes Leadership in Printed Electronics

Surprisingly, Europe has been pulling ahead of the rest of the world in many aspects of printed and potentially printed electronics just lately. Learn more in this article.