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NanoGram has incubated and spun out two successful companies in NeoPhotonics and NanoGram Devices and is now a fully owned subsidiary of Teijin Japan. NanoGram is well-known as a pioneer in nanotechnology and nanomaterials. Teijin provides solutions in the areas of materials and health care in Asia, the United States, and Europe. The company offers polyester fibers, polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) fibers, Para-aramid fibers, Meta-aramid fibers, artificial leather, and carbon fibers, as well as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films, PEN films, processed films, polycarbonate resins, PET resins, and PEN resins. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Teijin, NanoGram will pursue its interest in expanding into the development of silicon-based nanoparticles, working closely with the Teijin Group's Integrative Technology Research Institute. For Teijin, the capital tie-up also will facilitate the Teijin Group's penetration into the market for flexible devices developed with silicon-on-plastic technologies that are integrated with Teijin Group materials such as polycarbonate resin, polyester resin and bioplastics
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NanoGram Corp
10 Dec 2015

New applications for the inkjet industry

The 23rd annual IMI Europe inkjet conference focused on emerging technologies and new markets.
28 May 2015

Sounding out flu viruses

Sensors based on special sound waves known as surface acoustic waves are capable of detecting tiny amounts of antigens of Influenza A viruses.
13 Oct 2014

Printable electronics material for PV cells

Teijin Limited has announced that it has developed the world's first printable electronics material, named NanoGram® Si paste, and related processing technologies, for the local back surface field photovoltaic cell capable of high conversion efficiency.
12 Jun 2014

Teijin Ltd

Teijin Limited is a leading supplier of plastic films and resins. The company has a joint venture with DuPont for the commercialization of polyester films (PET and PEN). Teijin also make polycarbonate resins for electronic materials. Teijin has improved the glass transition temperature of the polycarbonate films to be compatible with high temperature processes.
16 Dec 2013

NanoGram Corp

This profile describes Nanogram Teijin's silicon nanoparticle technology
Included are:
10 Dec 2013

International Display Workshop IDW Japan 2013: Conference Findings

IDTechEx has spent ten days in Japan this month in order to meet with companies to learn of the latest progress with printed electronics and related technologies. We also attended the IDW 2013 conference in Sapporo, Japan. This article summarises some of the relevant presentations given.
30 Nov 2011

Silicon Nanoparticle Inks/Pastes for TFTs and Solar

NanoGram Corp, United States
2 Dec 2010

Silicon Nanoparticles as Inorganic Printable Semiconductor Inks for Printed Electronics

NanoGram, United States
8 Nov 2010

Paper Electronics

The largest event in the world on the subject Printed Electronics USA 2010 ( will once again have a growing minority of presentations on paper electronics.
11 Aug 2010

Teijin acquires NanoGram Corporation

Teijin Limited has wholly acquired NanoGram Corporation, a Silicon Valley company specializing in novel nanomaterials for the development of silicon inks with semiconductor properties.
29 Apr 2010

Early printed electronics revisited

There was an element of back to the future at the hugely successful recent Printed Electronics Europe event in Dresden. Although a high proportion of printed electronics has progressed from screen printing to other printing technologies, notably inkjet, for better control, less waste of these expensive inks and other benefits, at least one company has reverted to advanced rotary screen printing to gain throughput. Indeed, Professor Edgar Dörsam reported that his team has achieved feature size of better than one micron with its advanced screen printing methods. Daetwyler even announced a capability of gravure printing below five microns in feature size with its machines.
14 Apr 2010

Silicon Nanoparticles Inks for TFTs and PV Applications

NanoGram Corp, United States, United States
25 Feb 2010

Printed electronics technology - back to basics

Find out the most exciting advances and applications in the new world of stretchable, invisible, morphable, tightly rollable, edible and other previously impossible electronics.
17 Feb 2010

Highlights from the 2010 Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference

Chris Giacoponello introduced NTERA's concept of "printegration", the possibility to integrate a display, a sensor and a battery by using successive printing steps. NTERA's technology is based on viologen inks that change colour upon accepting electrical charge. Without a need for a transparent conductor, they can be directly deposited on any opaque substrate (e.g. paper, PCB) with better reflectivity and lower cost (avoiding costly ITO).Company demonstrators include RF-powered displays (co-operation with poly-IC), solar powered ones (co-operation with Plextronics) and a device comprising a printed display & battery stack, demonstrated in June 2009.
26 Nov 2009

Teijin's world first silicon-on-plastic integration technology

Teijin Limited (Teijin) have developed the world's first technology to integrate silicon onto general-purpose plastic substrates, working in cooperation with NanoGram Corporation (NanoGram), a world-leading company in the development of nano materials.
25 Aug 2009

Printing silicon in South Africa - Part one

The engine of the new printed electronics will be printed transistors on flexible substrates that can be one tenth to one hundredth of the cost of those in simple silicon chips.
13 Aug 2009

Printable silicon material

NanoGram Corporation has announced the successful fabrication of the first thin film transistor (TFT) produced by ambient printed nanosilicon to reach a carrier mobility of 2.0 cm2/Vs.
13 Jul 2009

Printed Electronics uses more inorganics and composites

Printed electronics is using more inorganics and composites in the quest for higher performance, lower costs, finer feature size, stretchability and creation of radically new components such as memristors, supercabatteries and metamaterials.
9 Jul 2009

NanoGram's ambient printed nanosilicon achieves mobility of 2cm2/Vs

NanoGram Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of advanced materials and solutions for optical, electronic and energy applications, has announced the successful fabrication of the first thin film transistor (TFT) produced by ambient printed nanosilicon to reach a carrier mobility of 2.0 cm2/Vs.
25 Jun 2009

Huge increase in printed electronics toolkit

This year has already seen a huge increase in the choice of electronic components that can be printed or are compatible with printing in that they are thin, flexible and can support further printed circuitry on top.