Tactonic Technologies

Tactonic Technologies

Tatonic Technologies, LLC. develops and markets sensing technologies with the expressed purpose of fostering a world where interaction everywhere is a reality. Tactonic Technologies' pressure imaging sensors are designed such that covering arbitrarily large (or small) surfaces with sensate materials is a cost effective possibility. By providing cost effective force sensing materials, Tactonic Technologies helps its clients provide richer interaction between humans, our surroundings and our digital devices. Using this technology, consumers will be able to interact with their devices and environments as opposed to on them. For more information on Tactonic Technologies sensing solutions and products, please visit www.tactonic.com.
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Tactonic Technologies
14 Aug 2018

Technologies for Diabetes Management 2019-2029: Technology, Players and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward
4 Mar 2015

Piezoresistive Sensors - Part 3 of 3

This final article in the three part series looks at emerging technologies in relation to piezoresistive sensors. It covers quantum tunnelling composite (QTC), interpolation for large area sensing, piezoresistive textiles and artificial skin.
24 Feb 2015

Piezoresistive Sensors - Part 2 of 3

The second installment of this piezoresistive sensor series covers applications and markets. The third and final article will discuss the emerging technologies in this area.
19 Nov 2014

Mechanical Force Redistribution (MFR) Pressure Sensing Films—Developing New Markets Through the Transformation of Arbitrarily Large Surfaces into Sensate, Networked, Interactive Surfaces.

Tactonic Technologies, United States
20 Jan 2014

Printed electronics at CES

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show finished a few days ago with an overload of media coverage and company press releases. Now that the dust has settled, we take a look back at some of the announcements that were made during the show and what they mean for Printed Electronics.
21 Nov 2013

Lossless Mechanical Interpolation for Cost Effective and Continuously Tile-able Surface Sensing via Flexible Printed Electronics

Tactonic Technologies, United States
1 Sep 2013

Tactonic Technologies

Tactonic Technologies, LLC was formed in October 2010 to develop and commercialize a new pressure imaging technology. Tactonic has invented a new method for high resolution pressure imaging, called Mechanically Interpolating Pressure Sensing (MIPS). Their core IP is about reducing the amount of material required to build a large sensor array, without sacrificing resolution. The final result is a high resolution pressure mapping using a low resolution sensor array.
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18 Apr 2013

Lossless Mechanical Interpolation for Cost Effective and Continuously Tile-able Surface Sensing via Flexible Printed Electronics

Tactonic Technologies, United States
6 Mar 2013

Haptic feedback for touch screen devices

More and more consumer electronics devices feature a touch screen, which is already considered a must have for new devices. The next big topic will be haptic feedback solutions outperforming the poor vibration-based feedback that is the standard today. Adding haptic and sound feedback to touch screens using electro active polymers (EAPs) will be a featured topic at TCF LIVE Europe 2013 .
6 Feb 2013

Transparent conductive films, touch surfaces and haptics at TCF LIVE!

IDTechEx are pleased to launch TCF LIVE! - a new conference and tradeshow covering the latest technologies and application of transparent conductive films (TCF) - covering raw materials through to the full range of applications.