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Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Valencell develops performance biometric sensor technology and licenses this patent-protected technology to consumer electronics manufacturers, mobile device and accessory makers, sports and fitness brands and gaming companies for integration into their products. Valencell's PerformTek® powered sensors are the most accurate wearable biometric sensors that continuously measure heart rate and activity. Valencell has invested years into research and development of its PerformTek sensor technology, protected by dozens of granted patents and independently validated by the Duke Center for Living, North Carolina State University, the Human Performance Laboratory and a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.
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Valencell Inc
12 May 2022


Valencell is one of the market leaders in providing PPG technology for wearable sensors/biometrics. Tess interviewed Dr LeBoeuf (President and Co-founder) about Valencell's development of cuffless blood pressure, hearables, and the shift in the wearable sector from fitness to health.
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1 Apr 2022

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9 Sep 2021

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16 Aug 2021


At Cardio Wearables 2021, Ryan Kraudel, VP of Marketing at Valencell presented their outlook on hypertension and their potential to address this using optical sensors. The presentation focused mainly on the market need and ecosystem rather than their progress or technology.
15 Jun 2021

Electronic Skin Patches 2021-2031

IDTechEx Report:
26 Apr 2021

Valencell: Using Wearable Biometric Sensors to Prove Medical Use Cases

This presentation from Valencell shows best practices for using wearable biometric sensors to prove medical use cases: how to navigate the maze of proving your groundbreaking idea will work.
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30 Sep 2020

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10 Jul 2020

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26 Mar 2020

Hearables 2020-2030: Technology, Players and Forecasts

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12 Feb 2020


IDTechEx caught up with the team at Valencell once more at CES 2020. The key new innovation that they were introducing at the event was their options around blood pressure monitoring via a version of their reflective optical technique based on the PPG waveform.
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21 Nov 2019

What's In Your Ear? How Hearables Are A Leading Platform For Innovation In Consumer And Medical Wearables

Valencell, United States
15 Nov 2019

Cardiovascular Disease 2020-2030: Trends, Technologies & Outlook

IDTechEx Report:
15 Nov 2018

How Consumer Wearable Technology Is Driving Innovation In Health And Medical Devices

Valencell Inc, United States
17 Nov 2016

Connecting the Dots Between Mobile Fitness and Mobile Health

Valencell Inc, United States
19 Nov 2015

Connecting the Dots Between Mobile Fitness and Mobile Health

Valencell Inc, United States
19 Aug 2015

Valencell Inc.

Valencell are a technology licensing and development company working the in the optical sensor space, specifically for biometric measurement.
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6 Aug 2015

Firstbeat Technologies Ltd

22 Jun 2015

CSEM - Instrumentation and Medical Device Technology Division

CSEM have a very close partnership with SenseCore, as the technology was effectively spun out of their research. They make an integrated skin patch sensor for sports and health.