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27 Mar 2019

2019 marks the year for 5G

In this article IDTechEx Research provides highlights from Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 regarding 5G technologies. More information can be found in the brand new 5G report from IDTechEx Research, '5G Technology, Market and Forecast 2019-2029'.
17 Aug 2018

5G will change the way to get TV and internet at home

You are probably used to watching a video or listening to the radio via your smartphone, or to be more specific, 4G LTE however 5G technology will revolutionise the way you get TV and internet at home.
7 Jun 2018

Roads Need More Electricity: They Will Make It Themselves

As more and more capabilities are added to roads instead of simply covering a country with extra roads, they are starting to make their own electricity, notably as solar road surface but then with added silent wind turbines, photovoltaic verges and barriers and more.
6 Jun 2018

Roads need more electricity: They will make it themselves

For now, electricity for road systems is provided by very expensive infrastructure to the grid except for a few solar/ wind street lights in China and Korea for example. However, as more and more capabilities are added to roads instead of simply covering a country with extra roads, they are starting to make their own electricity, notably as solar road surface but then with added silent wind turbines, photovoltaic verges and barriers and more.
2 Oct 2017

Arable Labs

10 Aug 2017

Can LTE kickstart the smart watch industry?

There are numerous rumours floating around the internet this week regarding the Apple Watch 3 and its ability to connect to the internet. While the smart watch industry and wearables more generally have seen a lot of success in recent years and more so forecast for the future, the Apple Watch and many of its competitors have been tied to a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, restricting its value to little more than a second screen.
28 Jun 2017

Vodafone IoT

Vodafone is a major player n the development of NB-IoT, a new method of communication for IoT devices. David Pugh met with John Tursley, manager at the NB-IoT open lab at Vodafone's head office in the UK.
31 Jan 2017

Smart city fixtures

The benches contain an embedded charging station powered by a mini solar panel, with two USB ports for plugging in mobile devices. They also connect to wireless networks.
6 Dec 2016

Inside Levi's Stadium: where entertainment meets technology

While in Santa Clara for the IDTechEx Show, technology analyst Dr David Pugh met with staff at Levi's Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers. The 68,500 capacity stadium was opened in 2014 and is one of the most technologically enabled entertainment venues in the world.
20 May 2016

ZigBee Alliance welcomes 38 new members to drive IoT forward

The ZigBee Alliance, a non-profit association of companies creating, maintaining and delivering open, global standards for the low-power wireless Internet of Things, has announced 38 new members have joined since the beginning of 2016.
5 Feb 2016

Kopin Corporation

26 Aug 2015

Filament raises $5 million for industrial internet of things

As the industrial internet continues to proliferate, companies rely on machine-to-machine communications to gather and analyze data from physical objects.
23 Jul 2015

Test environment for connected and driverless vehicles

he University of Michigan has opened Mcity, the world's first controlled environment specifically designed to test the potential of connected and automated vehicle technologies that will lead the way to mass-market driverless cars.
21 Jul 2015

Towards higher voltage supercapacitors for consumer electronics

In this instalment of our graphene series we discuss commercialising flexible graphene supercapacitors.
21 Jul 2014

Solar powered smart benches

Soofa is a solar-powered bench that provides free outdoor charging for mobile devices and location-based information like air quality and noise levels by uploading environmental sensor data to The smart urban furniture is developed by Changing Environments, a MIT Media Lab spin-off.
12 May 2014

GM starts work on new performance and racing center

General Motors has began construction of a state-of-the-art facility for race engine design and development, as well as an electric motor laboratory and gear center.
28 Jan 2013

Via Motors' commercial EVs succeed

IDTechEx has been proved right in forecasting considerable growth in industrial and commercial electric vehicles, notably in the sectors of light industrial, buses and outdoor forklifts. The sector will pass the ten billion dollars mark as early as 2015 Both hybrid and pure electric versions of these are in demand and there is none of the nervousness about lithium-ion batteries that we see in the air industry, which, for special air-related reasons, has many magnitudes greater failure rates including fires.
5 Jun 2009

The rise and rise of E ink

IDTechEx looks at progress at E ink at S.I.D. held in San Antonio
1 Jun 2009

Prime View International agree to buy E Ink for $215 million

Prime View International ("PVI"), a small and medium display provider and the world's highest volume supplier of ePaper display modules, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire E Ink Corporation, the leader in electronic paper display materials and intellectual property for approximately $215 million.