Research Articles

by Dr Charlotte Coles

15 Jan 2021

Smart Water Networks Able to Detect a Looming Crisis

It is possible with technology to better predict how people use water and monitor its quality. Data brings understanding, and understanding brings better management of a system.
14 Jan 2021

Drones: The Key Technology for the Next Decade

Drones are the key technology of the coming two decades. They are used in many different aspects of industry, and commercial use of this technology has never been higher.
12 Jan 2021

AR/VR/MR: The Critical Technology of the Next Decade

By 2030, IDTechEx predicts the augmented, virtual, and mixed reality market to be over $30Bn. With COVID-19 limiting physical interaction, virtual communication and interaction will be the norm for many years to come.
11 Dec 2020

IDTechEx Forecast Water Sensor Market Will be Worth Over $2bn by 2030

Digital water networks are beginning to see an increase in interest as the hype around these systems grows.
10 Dec 2020

AR VR Technology: The Defining Technology of 2020-2030

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality products have continued to receive high levels of funding and investment during the 2010 decade. IDTechEx predicts that this technology will grow to over $30bn by 2030. This article aims to explain the growth in demand behind this exciting technology.
30 Nov 2020

Virtual Reality: The Most Disruptive Technology of the Next Decade

Virtual reality has already had a major impact in a range of different industries. IDTechEx predicts in its recent market research report that this technology will grow to $8Bn by 2030.
23 Nov 2020

Drones' Impact is Wide Reaching, But What Will Happen in The Future?

IDTechEx's recent market research report on Drones and their associated technologies predicts the drone market to be over $22Bn by 2041.
20 Oct 2020

Water Sensors: The IoT Solution

Water companies in the UK are catching up with IoT solutions, with many now putting smart meters into customer homes, to help them better monitor their water usage. But could these utilities companies do more?
15 Oct 2020

Augmented Reality for Animals - the Next Step for AR Headsets

The newest toy for dogs is a high-tech augmented reality headset.
10 Sep 2020

Sensors in the Water Industry: The Next Step to IoT Cities

Sensors in the water and wastewater treatment industries are an emerging technology market area, forecast to grow to $2Bn+ in 2030. IDTechEx has analyzed this market in its new report "Sensors in the Water and Wastewater treatment industries 2020-2030".
28 Aug 2020

The AR/MR/VR Optics & Displays Market Will Grow to Over $28bn by 2030

The new IDTechEx report, "Optics and Displays in AR, VR, and MR 2020-2030: Technologies, Players and Markets", covers the complete range of optics and display technologies which are used in spatial reality products.
20 Aug 2020

Augmenting Healthcare with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and mixed reality are being used more and more in hospitals by doctors and healthcare professionals to provide them with a hands-free working environment, greater flexibility with overlaying information and processing information from its camera.