Research Articles

by Daniele Gatti

21 Oct 2020

What's on the Energy Storage Market Beside Lithium-ion Batteries? Pt 2

In this second article from IDTechEx, a more detailed analysis about the different chemistries will show the main RFB technologies currently available or under development, beginning with the most adopted and investigated Redox Flow Batteries (RFB), the Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB).
08 Oct 2020

What's on the Energy Storage Market Beside Lithium-Ion Batteries? Pt 1

In this first part of a series of articles from IDTechEx, an overview of the flow batteries characteristics is provided, extrapolated from IDTechEx's recent report "Redox Flow Battery 2020-2030: Forecast, Challenges, Opportunities".
04 Oct 2020

The Next Stage of the Electricity Grid

The electricity market is evolving to allow a higher integration of variable energy sources and a new class of devices is approaching the market to satisfy this necessity.
08 Sep 2020

The Evolving Energy Grid Demands High Energy Storage, and Power Output

The electricity grid is undergoing its first evolution since the invention of the power transmission system, and energy storage devices, particularly mechanical energy storage devices, will play a solid role in this evolution.
04 Aug 2020

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, What Their Future Looks Like

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are considered by the most, as two competing technologies. Although both technologies power an electric motor, they have different properties and each of them is well suited for some uses more than others.
05 Jun 2020

Why Are We Still Talking About Hydrogen Economy and Fuel Cells?

Once every ten years the promising future of a hydrogen economy and fuel cells is announced. Hydrogen over the years has had several periods of hypes, which always blow off as nothing concrete, but why are we still talking about it? And why is there still the belief of a hydrogen economy, when Li-ion batteries are dominating the market?
23 Apr 2020

The Vanadium Flow Batteries as Energy Storage Devices

While Li-ion batteries have totally conquered the electric-vehicle industry, and currently dominating the energy storage sector as well, the redox flow batteries are silently (but not too much) taking their share of the stationary energy storage market.
06 Apr 2020

Redox Flow Batteries' Advantages for Stationary Energy Storage Market

An increasing number of news articles about "Redox Flow Batteries" are present on the web. This technology, mostly adopted in on-grid and off-grid applications, has been studied for the last 50 years, and it is currently being commercialized (most of the time) in a containerized size, for medium- and large-scale applications.
02 Apr 2020

Pollution: The Lockdown Effect and the Battery Energy Storage Solution

The pandemic infection of COVID-19 has led to the lockdown of a considerable number of cities, leading to reduced pollution activity. With the large number of renewable energy sources employed in the last decades to decarbonise the energy sector, a growing number of energy storage devices have been coupled with renewable energy sources.
23 Mar 2020

The Growing Market of Redox Flow Battery

The redox flow battery market is growing. After more than 40 years of research, and 20 years of testing and demonstration projects, the flow batteries are now technologically ready to compete on the energy storage market. With a forecasted CAGR of 30% in the next years, this technology is looking to have all the characteristics to address each segment of the energy storage market, from residential to grid scale application.