Why Drones Matter

This webinar discusses and overviews IDTechEx's new market research report on Drones - "Drone Market and Industries 2021-2041". The market research report compiles information from over 120 hardware and software companies to identify the key trends in the drone industry. The major players of the drone industry are compared within the areas of drone industry such as software, hardware, and analytics. This provides you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and understanding of this disruptive and fast-growing market area.
The webinar discusses the range of drones available on the current market, their drawbacks and benefits, and some of the key use cases for drones today. These use cases include Search and Rescue, Agriculture, Delivery, Security, Mapping and Localisation. The webinar also discusses some of the key takeaways from IDTechEx's in-depth research into this topic, including the factors towards a forecast growth of $22Bn by 2041.
This webinar covers the following topic areas:
  • Drone designs
  • Drone use cases
  • Forecasts for 2021-2031
  • Forecasts for 2031-2041


Dr Charlotte Coles
Dr Charlotte Coles
Technology Analyst