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Infineon Technologies AG is a world leader in semiconductors. Infineon offers
products and system solutions addressing three central challenges to modern society:
energy efficiency, mobility and security. In the 2014 fiscal year (ending September
30), the company reported sales of Euro 4.3 billion with about 29,800 employees
worldwide. In January 2015, Infineon acquired US-based International
Rectifier Corporation, a leading provider of power management technology, with
revenues of USD 1.1 billion (fiscal year 2014 ending June 29) and approximately
4,200 employees.
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29 Apr 2020


Wolfspeed are specialists in GaN on SiC technology across various market verticals. With the increasing market for 5G installations, Wolfspeed are likely to see a big increase in the market for GaN devices.
25 Oct 2019

New IDTechEx Research Report: Radars 2020-2030

Radars evolve towards 4D imaging with improved resolution and object detection AIs, surpassing $15Bn as forecast by IDTechEx Research in their latest report on the topic, covering ADAS and autonomous driving, 4D imaging radars, semiconductor technology, low insertion loss materials, advanced packaging, deep learning, object detection/ classification/ tracking.
16 Oct 2019

Die Attach Materials for Power Electronics in Electric Vehicles

New IDTechEx Research report investigates the market for various die and substrate attach materials used in power electronics in various electric vehicles. It provides a comprehensive view of the industry trends, looking at the trends driving the adoption of higher performance die-attach materials.
13 Sep 2019

Sense Photonics

Sense Photonics offer lidar modules and operated in stealth mode until June 2019. IDTechEx interviewed Mr Russell Kanjorski in April 2019. Kanjorski is Co-Founder and CCO of Sense Photonics, and he is based in USA.
13 Sep 2019


Quanergy offer lidar modules and lidar signal processing software. IDTechEx interviewed Dr Louay Eldada from Quanergy in April 2019. Eldada is the CEO and Co-Founder of Quanergy, and he is based in USA.
12 Aug 2019

Electric Vehicle Research at Advanced Materials Osaka July 2019

Here we give the abstracts relevant to electric vehicles from BIT Advanced Materials Conference Osaka Japan July 2019. The organisers failed to provide slides but we have photographs of some of these if you are interested. The selected abstracts are divided into energy storage, wide bandgap semiconductors, energy harvesting and other.
26 Jul 2019


Infineon Technologies are developing a MEMS lidar module.
Included are:
26 Jul 2019

Review of current power modules in electric vehicles (HEV, PHEV, BEV)

This part IV of our article series. In this part, we provide an overview of various power modules used in hybrid and pure electric vehicles today.
24 Jul 2019

Technology evolution for the die and substrate attach paste

This is part III of our series on metal sintering in power electronics (PE). In the last two parts, we considered (1) the key trends shaping the power electronic technology, and (2) the key existing and emerging approach seeking to replace Al wire bonding to boost thermal reliability in PE packages. In this article, we examine how and why metal sintering is emerging as an alternative to, or as the next generation of, die attach technology, seeking to replace solder in demanding applications.
19 Jun 2019

Eagleyard Photonics

Eagleyard are a laser diode manufacturer.
31 Oct 2018

Bringing blockchain into the car

The goal of the collaboration is to test possible applications and develop suitable ones to market maturity. A first demonstrator shows how access rights, e.g. for car sharing, can be granted decentrally with a smartphone app.
16 Jul 2018


Infineon Technologies is a multinational semiconductor manufacturer.
15 Jun 2018

An overview from PCIM Europe Part 2

IDTechEx attended the event last week to meet with key stakeholders including industrial OEMs, power module manufacturers, established semiconductor companies and innovative new GaN (gallium nitride) and SiC (silicon carbide) developers to report back on the current and future trends. The following article is the second of two parts and provides a summary of some of the key GaN related developments and at the event and their impact on various industries and applications.
14 Jun 2018

An overview from PCIM Europe Part 1

IDTechEx attended the event last week to meet with key stakeholders including industrial OEMs, power module manufacturers, established semiconductor companies and innovative GaN (gallium nitride and SiC (silicon carbide) developers to report back on the current and future trends.
4 Dec 2017

A report from the Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum (IESF)

Mentor shows its gained strengths in the automotive sector after Siemens' acquisition, as reported by IDTechEx analyst Lorenzo Grande, PhD.
12 Jul 2017

CPS Technologies

CPS Technologies are manufacturers AlSiC MMC parts. IDTechEx technology analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Dr Mark Occhionero (Senior Research Scientist).
24 May 2017

Infineon starts volume production of first full-SiC-module

Higher efficiency, increased power density, smaller footprints and reduced system costs: these are the main advantages of transistors based on silicon carbide.
3 May 2017

Graphene: Market update and future prospects by IDTechEx (II)

I have just recently returned from the Graphene 2017 conference in Barcelona where I gave an invited talk. There is tremendous scientific progress, both on CVD and platelet type graphene, and across many graphene applications. Interestingly, the participants however repeatedly suggested that the industry has now passed the peak of hype and is well into the disillusionment period.
13 Feb 2017

Infineon says US could block planned acquisition of Wolfspeed

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States has blocked Infineon's planned acquisition of Wolfspeed saying it may pose security risks, which remain unspecified so far.
27 Sep 2016

Intelligent Building expert becomes new President of EnOcean Inc

EnOcean has announced the appointment of Neil Cannon as the company's new President of EnOcean Inc, the company's North American Division.