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Unidym is a leader in the development, manufacture, and application of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for electronic devices. Unidym's CNT-based transparent conductive film delivers both process simplification and mechanical robustness for touch screens and display applications. When CNT-based films are compared to current ITO/IZO transparent electrode materials, Unidym's products offer valuable features such as uniform transmission across the entire visible light spectrum, mechanical flexibility, reduced reflectivity and are more cost effective to manufacture. In addition to its product applications, Unidym has an expansive IP portfolio, with over 200 foreign and domestic patents and patent applications on CNTs and their applications.
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Unidym Inc
21 Jun 2023

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UniPixel Displays, Inc.

Carbon nanotubes
18 Jun 2014


TCF product based on carbon nanotubes.
18 Jun 2013


Carbon nanotubes
16 May 2013

Goss International Americas

carbon nanotube
14 May 2013

Bluestone Global Tech

Carbon Nanotubes
21 Mar 2013

Displax Interactive Systems

CNT-based transparent conductive films as replacement for ITO in touch screens, LCD displays, solar cells, and solid state (OLED) lighting.
3 Dec 2012

Heraeus GmbH

Carbon Nanotubes
30 Nov 2012


NanoIntegris isthe global distributor for the Unidym HiPCo product.
26 Nov 2012


Manufacturer of CNT-based transparent, conductive films (TCFs) for the electronics industry. Their initial product is a transparent electrode for touch screens, flat panel displays, solar cells, and solid state lighting.
15 Nov 2012

Unidym Inc

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3 Dec 2007

Printed power for printed electronics

Printed electronics still use conventional sources of power but this may change in the future with the newly developed printable batteries printed onto a surface with
14 Nov 2007

Carbon Nanotubes for Printed Electronics

Unidym Corporation, United States
18 Apr 2007

Carbon for Printed Electronics

Unidym, Inc., United States