Andy Ko Alumni

Andy is a technology analyst on the Life Sciences team at IDTechEx with expertise in technologies across medical devices, cellular agriculture, and bio-based materials. Prior to IDTechEx, Andy obtained a MRes from Imperial College London.
Andy graduated from Imperial College London with a Master of Research in cellular and molecular biosciences. He has worked with several research groups, including a study on immune response to SARS-CoV-2 during the pandemic, and research on blast traumatic brain injury.
Andy received his BSc in Biological Sciences also from Imperial College London and completed his bachelor's project in brain development at the Sir Francis Crick Institute. He is also a contributing author of a published study of fossil ancestral sharks by X-ray microtomography in Papers in Paleontology.
Research fields
Andy is a researcher in the field of medical devices and sustainable technologies. He has authored IDTechEx research on medical devices including point-of-care biosensors and electronic skin patch devices. Additionally, he has written on the adoption of sustainable materials, and is the author of the report on bioplastics. Andy is also an expert on emerging food and agriculture technology, specifically on the topic of cultured meat.

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