3D Bioprinting : Advances In Cartilage Regeneration And Other Tissue Applications (3D Printing USA 2017)

Dr Jose M Baena, CEO
Regemat 3D


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Presentation Summary

Using REGEMAT 3D´s custom made Bioprinting systems and software, we have developed an enhanced printing processes to increase the viability and survival of the cells when working with high temperature thermoplastics without the limitation of the geometry. We have demonstrated the viability of the printing process using chondrocytes for cartilage regeneration. Besides our systems can manufacture in a wide range of biomaterials and it is being used in many tissue applications.

Speaker Biography (Jose M Baena)

MSc. José Manuel Baena, research associate "Advanced therapies: differentiation, regeneration and cancer" IBIMER,CIBM, Universidad de Granada. Founder of BRECA Health Care, pioneer in 3D printed custom made implants for orthopedic surgery, and REGEMAT 3D, the first Spanish bioprinting company. Expert in innovation, business development and internationalization, lecturer in some business schools, he is passionate about biomedicine and technology. In his free time he is also researcher at the Biopathology and Regenerative Medicine Institute (IBIMER).

Company Profile (Regemat 3D)

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REGEMAT 3D is a biotech company focused on regenerative medicine and pioneer in the use of 3D printing for regenerative therapies, a promising area called bioprinting. The potential of bioprinting in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering is huge. There are still many problems to be solved and many hypothesis to be tested in order to find solutions to tissue regeneration. Our mission is to develop customized innovative solutions in the area of bioprinting and regenerative medicine towards the clinical application of this amazing technology, aiming at improving people´s quality of life.
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