Presentations for 2019

3D Printing Europe 2019

1-and 2-Component Print Heads For 3D Printing Of Fluids And Pastes (11 Apr)
3D Metal Printing - For Nanometer To Millimeter Object Sizes (10 Apr)
3D Printed Electronics - Agile Manufacture Of Mechatronic Systems (10 Apr)
3D Printed Nera Bike (11 Apr)
3D Printed PCBs vs. Traditional PCBs. A Practical Comparison (10 Apr)
3D Printing In Medicine / Software, Guides & Implants (10 Apr)
3D Printing Of Electrical Applications (10 Apr)
3D Printing Of High Performance Plastics For Medical Applications Using FLM (11 Apr)
Achieving High Performance, Easy To Integrate And Weight Optimised Composite Parts Through Our 3D Printing Process. (11 Apr)
Addressing Powder Handling Challenges For Additive Manufacturing (10 Apr)
Anisoprinting The Next Generation Of Composite Material Structures With Tailored Directional Properties (11 Apr)
Artificial Intelligence And 3D Printing (11 Apr)
Continuous Fibre Additive Manufacturing For Buildings And Transportations Sectors (11 Apr)
Digital Metal®, AM Technology For Serial Production Of Complex Metal Components (10 Apr)
Digital Printing - The Key To Personalized Medicine (11 Apr)
How Desktop SLS Can Be Used In Hospitals (11 Apr)
How Windform® Composite Materials Pioneered The AM Revolution (11 Apr)
Manufacturing New Defined! (11 Apr)
Material Extrusion Of High Performance Polymers And Metal Filled Filaments (11 Apr)
New Applications Of Hybrid Multi-Materials And Smart Design (10 Apr)
Next-Gen Additive Electronics - Precise Multi-Material Deposition For Circuits, Electro-Mechanical Parts And Antennas (10 Apr)
Print To Perform: Validated And Deployed Solutions For Additive Manufacturing (10 Apr)
Recent Biomedical Applications Of 3D Microprinting (11 Apr)
Synthesis (11 Apr)
Unlocking The Potential Of Additive Manufacturing (10 Apr)
Using 3D Printing Technology To Personalise the Health & Wellness Market (11 Apr)
Z3DLAB SAS, After 5 Years Of R&D, Is Announcing Availability Of A Family Of NEW Advanced Titanium Specifically Designed For AM, ZTi-Powder® & ZTi-Med® (10 Apr)

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing Europe 2019

48V Systems For Light Mobility (10 Apr)
Advances In Material Light-Weighting And Wireless Data Transfer Technologies At TWI (11 Apr)
Autonomous mobility: the opportunity beyond cars (11 Apr)
Catenary Electrification Of Heavy Road Freight: A Rationale And A Path Forward (11 Apr)
Electric Motors For Electric Vehicles: Land, Water, Air 2019-2029 (11 Apr)
Electric Vehicles: The Melodrama Of The Coming 20 Years (10 Apr)
Enabling Technologies - Die Attach And Substrate Technologies For Power Electronics Integrated In Electric Vehicles (11 Apr)
EV's In India-Future Is Now (10 Apr)
Highly Thermalized Integrated Chassis-Battery Pack For Urban EVs. The DEMOBASE Project (10 Apr)
Influences Of Strategic Digital Business Models And Dynamic Capabilities On Creating New Monetization Approaches For Firms In E-Mobility Industry (11 Apr)
Latest EV and FCEV Double Deck Vehicles (10 Apr)
Lightyear One: The Sun Is Our Charging Infrastructure (10 Apr)
Mitsubishi's V2X Charging System (10 Apr)
Motor Choices For Light Electric Vehicles (11 Apr)
Novel Solar Solutions For The Smart City (11 Apr)
Reliability Comparison Of A Conventionally Soldered Super TO-247 To A Silver-Sintered STO-247 For Automotive Inverter Technologies (11 Apr)
Right Tech, Wrong Time: About The Need For A Strong And Mature Ecosystem For Electrification (11 Apr)
Rise Or Extinction of Electric Boat (10 Apr)
Siemens ELFA - What's Next? (10 Apr)
Street 4.0, Infrastructure Support And Inductive Charging - An Industrial Perspective (11 Apr)
The Cost Effective And Sustainable Electric Vehicle Traction Motor Technology (11 Apr)
Thermal Management Integration And New Leak And Intrusion Testing Methods For Aluminium Battery Enclosures (11 Apr)
Why 48V Is The Cornerstone For Future Electric Mobility (10 Apr)

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2019

(21 Nov)
Advancement In Electric Motors For Trucks & Buses (21 Nov)
Ampaire: Leading The Charge With Practical, Compelling Electric Aircraft (20 Nov)
Axial Flux Motors - Application, Design And Manufacturing (21 Nov)
BMW's Role In Supporting Decarbonization And Mobility Of The Future (20 Nov)
California's EV Infrastructure Incentive Project - Using A Statewide Platform To Create Streamlined Targeted Regional Incentive Projects That Drive Market Transformation (21 Nov)
China EV Bus Market - Perspective From One Of The World's Largest EV Bus Manufacturers (20 Nov)
Delivering Electric Vehicles In Post Incentive Era (20 Nov)
Electric Trucks And LCVs: Market And Technology Outlook (21 Nov)
Electric Vehicles And China (21 Nov)
Electric Vehicles And China (20 Nov)
Electric Vehicles: The Melodrama Of The Coming 20 Years (20 Nov)
Enabling A Zero-Carbon Future With Smart Charging (21 Nov)
GaN Technologies For Electric Vehicles (21 Nov)
High Tech Coating Solutions To Enable Electric And Autonomous Vehicles (21 Nov)
Hyundai MOBIS' Electrification Solutions For xEVs (20 Nov)
New Battery Materials Promise More Miles From The 'Tank' Of Electric Vehicles (21 Nov)
Powering EVs (21 Nov)
Project BAFTA - Battery Advances for Future Transport Applications (20 Nov)
The Design And Technical Components Of Electric-Powered Flight (20 Nov)
The Future Role Of Energy Storage In Aerospace (20 Nov)
Thermoplastic Solutions For Battery Packs (21 Nov)
Transforming Transportation In Cities With A Fixed Wing STOL (20 Nov)
Update On Medium And Heavy Duty Electric Truck Developments And Deployments (21 Nov)
Why V2G Is Critical To A Greener Planet (21 Nov)

Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2019

2nd Life EV Batteries In Commercial Energy Storage Systems (11 Apr)
Ammonia: The Next Big Thing In Energy Storage (11 Apr)
Battery 2nd Life Using BIND Battery™ Technology (11 Apr)
Capturing Super-Small Currents In Supercapacitors (11 Apr)
Extending Battery Life By Using Advanced Control Technology (11 Apr)
eXtreme Fast Charging (XFC) Era Is Around The Corner - The Battery Technology To Realize XFC Much Earlier Than You Presume (10 Apr)
Flying UAVs For Hours Instead Of Minutes With Fuel Cells (11 Apr)
Form Factor-Free, Printed Power Sources For Smart Electronics/IoT Era (11 Apr)
From Battery Constraints To Freedom Of Design Innovation In Wearables (10 Apr)
Gas Release Mitigation In Li-ion Cells To Reduce Reliability And Safety Issues (10 Apr)
How Energy Storage Can Create Value Across The Value Chain (10 Apr)
How Hydrogen And Software Technology Will Disrupt The Energy Markets (11 Apr)
Hybrid Capacitors - Making The Driver Experience The Same For Electric Vehicles As Gasoline And Diesel Vehicles (11 Apr)
Lessons From Life Cycle Management Of EV Batteries (11 Apr)
Miniature Solid State Batteries For MedTech (10 Apr)
Next Gen Lithium-Ion For Next Gen Wearables (10 Apr)
Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH Clean-Tech Power Solutions (11 Apr)
Pure Silicon Anodes For High Energy Density Li-ion: Morphology And Production Tool (10 Apr)
Repurposing Responsibly: The World's First Second Life Safety Standard, UL 1974 (10 Apr)
Revolutionary Anodes For High Capacity Li-Ion Batteries (10 Apr)
Supercapacitors Enable Small Energy Harvesters To Power IoT Applications (11 Apr)
The Battle Between Batteries, Supercapacitors And Fuel Cells: Next 15 Years (10 Apr)
The fuel cell industry in 2019: Growing scale and substance (11 Apr)
The Future Of Second-Life Batteries And Utility-Scale BESSs In Germany (11 Apr)
Thermo-Electrochemical In-Situ Instrumentation For Smart Energy Storage (11 Apr)
Tiny Solid State Lithium Microbatteries For Medical Devices (10 Apr)

Energy Storage Innovations USA 2019

24M SemiSolid Electrodes - A Next-Generation Manufacturing And Product Platform (21 Nov)
A New Energy Storage Technology For The Internet-of-Things (20 Nov)
Advanced Carbon Materials for Supercapacitor and Battery Applications (21 Nov)
Advanced Silicon-Graphene Anode Materials For High Energy Applications (20 Nov)
Charging An EV As Fast As Refueling A Gas Car (20 Nov)
Disruptive Battery Technology For Next-Gen Smart Devices (21 Nov)
Electrospunned Nanofiber Separator To Make Lithium Battery Efficient, Safe And Bendable (21 Nov)
Energy Storage 2.0, The Latest Trends In Incorporating Battery Storage Into Solar, EV & Wholesale Revenues (20 Nov)
Energy Storage: Market Trends And Opportunities (20 Nov)
Fast Charge And High Energy Density Batteries For Electric Vehicles (20 Nov)
Form Factor-Free, Monolithic Printed Power Sources (21 Nov)
Functional Safety For E-Motorcycles: How The New Edition Of ISO 26262 Applies To Electric Bikes (21 Nov)
Graphene Enhanced Lithium Sulfur Batteries (21 Nov)
High Energy Density Miniature Solid State Batteries For MedTech (20 Nov)
Innovative Electrolyte For Solid-State Batteries (20 Nov)
Modeling Material Properties At The Atomistic Level (21 Nov)
Optimizing Microgrids With Long-Duration Energy Storage (21 Nov)
Realising The Potential Of Graphene And Other Advanced Materials In Battery Anode Design (20 Nov)
Sodium-ion Batteries For High Power, High Cycle Life Applications (21 Nov)
Solid-state Thin Film Battery Manufacturing (20 Nov)
Supercapacitors: The Next Ten Years (21 Nov)
Surviving the Nail Penetration Test: Using Separators and Current Collectors in Safe Lithium Ion Battery Designs (21 Nov)
TempTraq: A Commercial Evolution Of Printed And Flexible Electronics (21 Nov)
The Coming Divergence of Battery Technology: Mobile vs Stationary (21 Nov)
Thermal-Electrochemical Sensors And Instrumentation For Advanced In-Situ Energy Storage Characterization (21 Nov)
Two New Technology, Power Focus And Energy Focus New ESS Technologies (20 Nov)
UL - At The Forefront Of Standards Development For Stationary And Motive Batteries (20 Nov)

Graphene & 2D Materials Europe 2019

2D Materials As Semiconductors For Electronic Devices (10 Apr)
Carbon Nanomembranes - The Other Carbon-Based 2D-Material (11 Apr)
E-Graphene Brings Hope To The Hype (10 Apr)
First Graphene - Delivering The Graphene Revolution (10 Apr)
Graphene-Enabled Functional Materials (11 Apr)
Is 2019 The Tipping Point For Graphene Commercialisation? (10 Apr)
Large-Scale, Commercially Viable Graphene (10 Apr)
New Commercial Applications For Graphene (10 Apr)
Up-Coming Industrial Applications Of Graphene Oxide And Graphene Oxide Derivatives (10 Apr)
Verified Graphene Producer Program- The Need For Transparency And Trust In The Graphene Market (11 Apr)

Graphene USA 2019

Application Of Graphene Oxides For Energy Storage (20 Nov)
Concrete - Does Graphene Have The Capability To Supercharge The Properties And Benefits Of Concrete Production (21 Nov)
Critical Overview Of Performance Of 2D Materials and Composites (21 Nov)
Emerging Industrial Applications Of Graphene Oxide (20 Nov)
Energy Devices With Graphene And 2D Materials (21 Nov)
From Graphene To Graphene-Enabled Batteries For EV Application: A 17-Year Journey (20 Nov)
From Silicon To Plastic: Grolltex - 2D Foundry For Flexible Electronics (20 Nov)
Graphene In Automotive: A Success Story (20 Nov)
Graphene Surface Sensing (The Industrial Equivalent Of Skin) (21 Nov)
High Strength Polyethylene Nanocomposite (21 Nov)
Innovative CVD Graphene Technology (20 Nov)
Is The Tipping Point For Graphene Commercialisation Approaching? (20 Nov)
Journey Of Sri Lankan Vein Graphite Towards Graphene And Its Derivatives (21 Nov)
Liquid-Phase Chemical Exfoliation: Finally Cracking The Graphene Production Process? (20 Nov)
Nanophase Materials As Chemical Sensors (20 Nov)
Nanotechnology In the Century Of Biology (20 Nov)
New Application Opportunities By Promising Substance From Carbon Material Family: Graphene Quantum Dots (21 Nov)
Production And Characterization Of Graphene Quantum Dots From Organic Sources And Its Applications In Imaging And Display Technologies (20 Nov)
The Graphene Shift Is Already Ongoing (20 Nov)
Tuball, The Universal Graphene Additive That Is Changing Everything (21 Nov)
Unexpected Predominant Electrical Performance Of Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Thin Film Transistors Based On Transfer-Free, Large-Scale, High-Quality, Monolayer Graphene Synthesized At 150 °C (20 Nov)
Unlocking Graphene Potential Through Integrated Products (20 Nov)

Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019

A New Frontier In Telemedicine: Making High Quality Healthcare Accessible And Affordable Through Smart Glasses (25 Sep)
Accuracy, Reliability And Usability - Why In-Ear Vital Signs Monitoring Is The Best Choice For Health Data Collection (25 Sep)
AmBeR Breath Ammonia Diagnostics Addressing Rare And Chronic Disease Management (26 Sep)
Biosensor Design For Improved Clinical Performance (26 Sep)
Cardiac And Neuromodulation Medical Devices - Boston Scientific (25 Sep)
Closing Remarks (26 Sep)
Control Your Children's Asthma With Innovative Wearable Technology (25 Sep)
Dermal Tattoo Biosensors (26 Sep)
Digital Heart (25 Sep)
FoodMarble, Using Gas Sensors To Take The Guesswork Out Of Eating (26 Sep)
From Data is King to Data is Dangerous (26 Sep)
Gas Sensing For Pharmaceutical Authentication And Facility Monitoring (26 Sep)
Giving Relief To The Primary Health Care Centres Through The Internet Of Things (25 Sep)
Harnessing Consumer Bio-Signals For Healthcare (25 Sep)
How Well Do You Monitor Stress? Stress Monitoring - Challenges, Limitations And Solutions (26 Sep)
Lohmann - We Make Diagnostics Wearable (25 Sep)
POC-Breath Test For Home Management Of Respiratory Disease (26 Sep)
Printed Electronics For Occlusion Control (26 Sep)
Printed Electronics, A Key Enabling Technology For Wearables And Smart Textiles (25 Sep)
Printing Medical Wearable Patches (25 Sep)
Robust And sensitive Sensors For Cardiac Troponin I Based On NanoMIPs (26 Sep)
Screen-Printed Sensors For Sweat Analysis During Physical Stress (26 Sep)
Sensing Health, From Big Data To The Cloud. "Improving Your Quality Of Life Through Data Analytics" (25 Sep)
Sensors and Technologies for Remote Patient Monitoring (25 Sep)
TempTraq: A Commercial Evolution Of Printed And Flexible Electronics (25 Sep)
WEARPLEX - Wearable Multiplexed Biomedical Electrodes (25 Sep)
Welcome and Introduction (25 Sep)

Internet of Things Applications Europe 2019

5G/Nb-IoT (11 Apr)
Art Augmented Applications, IoT The Art Of Technology (11 Apr)
Bringing Intelligence To The Edge Of The Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT) (10 Apr)
Building The Internet Of Tools (11 Apr)
Conditions Monitoring And Blockchain In Industry 4.0 (11 Apr)
Development Of Secured Edge Devices For Distributed Ledger Technology Based Networks (10 Apr)
ECO RFID Tag Technology - Scalability And Opportunities With Item Level Connectivity And Related Applications (11 Apr)
From Cloud To Edge: IoT & AI Better Together (10 Apr)
How Accorinvest Transforms Its Building Asset Management Strategy Thanks To LoRaWAN Private Network (10 Apr)
How IoT Makes Schools Smarter And Shaft Control Safer (10 Apr)
How To Implement RFID Solutions Into Existing Production Processes (11 Apr)
Industry 4.0: Real Time Warehouse Condition Monitoring (11 Apr)
Innovative RFID Tags For End To End Connectivity (11 Apr)
IoT Innovations And Trends (10 Apr)
NFC-Enabled Sensor Solutions For The Healthcare Industry: Temperature Logging, Patient Compliance Monitoring And More. (11 Apr)
Pervasive Nation: Lessons From A LoRaWAN Integration With A 5G Network In A Smart City Environment (10 Apr)
Ready To connect - Intelligent Solutions For Smart Buildings (11 Apr)
RFID And Wireless Sensors: Markets, Trends And Change (11 Apr)
Self-Learning Artificial Intelligence Has Reached Shop Floor (11 Apr)
Smart Manufacturing And A Connected Factory - The Status Quo Of A Brave New World In 2019 (11 Apr)
Tamper Evident RFID - When Security Matters (11 Apr)
The Critical Enabler For Inclusive, Sustainable Industry 4.0 (11 Apr)
The IoT Ready PCB - How RAIN RFID Is Improving Electronic Products (11 Apr)
The Role Of 5G In Industrial Automation (10 Apr)
Transforming Data Into Action - Real-Time Information On The Production Floor (11 Apr)
Trends In 5G (10 Apr)

Internet of Things Applications USA 2019

5G/Nb-IoT (21 Nov)
AI And Blockchain Based Smart Buildings (20 Nov)
Cellular IoT For Smart Cities And Industrial Automation (20 Nov)
Creating Flexible TFT Substrates With TOYOBO's Epoch-Making Manufacturing Technologies (20 Nov)
Direct on Paper RFID Tag under 85℃ / 85% Temperature and Humidity Test (21 Nov)
Easily Accelerate AI With FPGAs (21 Nov)
ECO RFID Tag Technology - Scalability And Sustainability With Item Level Connectivity And Related Applications (21 Nov)
Edge And Offline-First App Data Management In 5G Devices (20 Nov)
Fast Data Logging Handling (21 Nov)
How AI Facilitates Predictive Analytics In The Industrial IoT (21 Nov)
How IoT Improves Well-being: Home Lighting Beyond Illumination (20 Nov)
iENBL, A Flex Tool To Accelerate LPWAN And 5G Connectivity In The IIoT Space (20 Nov)
IoT Innovations And Trends (20 Nov)
LoRa Technology: Enabling Proven, Efficient IoT For Smart Homes & Buildings (20 Nov)
MedallionClass - Creating Smart Cities At Sea (20 Nov)
R2R And S2S Equipment For Advanced Manufacturing Of Flexible Electronics (20 Nov)
RAIN RFID Technology Panel - Tagging Billions Of Items Annually Across Many Industries (21 Nov)
RAIN RFID Technology Panel - Tagging Billions Of Items Annually Across Many Industries (21 Nov)
RAIN RFID Technology Panel - Tagging Billions Of Items Annually Across Many Industries (21 Nov)
RF Wireless Power: Powering The IoT (21 Nov)
Safe, Flexible, Printed Batteries On Track For High-volume IoT Applications (21 Nov)
Silicon-on-Thin-Buried-Oxide Microcontrollers Enable Battery-less Applications (21 Nov)
Smart Manufacturing And A Connected Factory - The Status Quo Of A Brave New World In 2019 (21 Nov)
The Future Of Data Monetization For IoT And Beyond (20 Nov)
Wi-Fi 6 In IoT (20 Nov)

Printed Electronics Europe 2019

Achievements Of HySPRINT Research Partnerships In Perovskite And Silicon Technologies On Glass (11 Apr)
Advancing Phosphorescent OLED Displays (11 Apr)
Applications And Challenges Of Structural Printing Electronics In Aerospace (10 Apr)
Applications For Printed Electronics In The Aviation Industry (10 Apr)
Applications of Printed Electrochromics - Improving The Communications Potential Of Smart Objects And Surfaces (11 Apr)
Are Quantum Dots The Ultimate Flexible Printed Display Technology? (11 Apr)
Breakthrough Technology Of Nanoprinting For Flat Panel Display Industry (10 Apr)
China's Progress In Advanced Materials (11 Apr)
Chip-Film Patch For Hybrid Systems In Foil - Technology And Applications (11 Apr)
Commercial Entrance Of Perovskite Photovoltaics: Challenges And Strategies (11 Apr)
Cost-Effective Handling And Transportation Of Graphene Oxides: Folding And Redispersion Of Graphene Oxide Materials (11 Apr)
Denkigami - Printed Educational Electronics (11 Apr)
Designing and Making Parts Using Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE™) (10 Apr)
Development Of Thin Flexible Monitoring Systems For Industrial Environments (11 Apr)
Digitally Printed Solder Mask Is Ramping Up In Production (10 Apr)
Electric Vehicles And China (11 Apr)
Electronic Integration With Materials Into Novel Components For The Car Of The Future (10 Apr)
Embedded Analog Intelligence (11 Apr)
Enabling Artificial Intelligence In Nano-manufacturing Of Printed Electronics By In-Line Metrology And Control (10 Apr)
Flexible Electronics with Submicron Patterns Fully Printed by R2R Process. (10 Apr)
High Performance Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing: Case Studies In Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT (10 Apr)
High Volume R2R And S2S Manufacturing Technologies For Flexible Electronics (11 Apr)
Hybrid Electronics Integration By Inkjet Technology (11 Apr)
Increasing Transmission Of Electromagnetic Signals Through Thermal Insulation Glass (11 Apr)
Industrialisation Of Smart Packages For Medication Adherence (11 Apr)
Innovation Test Bed For Development And Production Of Nanomaterials For Lightweight Embedded Electronics (11 Apr)
Integrated Organic Circuits Based On Industry-Compatible Process Flows (11 Apr)
Intelligent Illuminated Packaging With Energy Autonomy based On OPVs (11 Apr)
Introducing Smart Packaging In An FMCG Company (10 Apr)
Introduction And Overview (11 Apr)
Large Area Pressure Sensor System For Critical Injury Diagnosis (10 Apr)
Line Confocal Imaging In Printed Electronics Automated Quality Control (10 Apr)
Modular-Based Digital Materials Deposition Platforms For Printed Electronics Products From Advanced R&D To 24/7 Manufacturing (11 Apr)
New Advances In Reflective And Transmissive Electrophoretic Display Technology (11 Apr)
Novel Low Temperature, PET-based Flexible Printed Circuit Assembly Solutions (10 Apr)
Novel Printed Electronic Systems And The Route To Market-Ready Applications (11 Apr)
Opportunities For Printed Electronics In The Smart Home (10 Apr)
OPV Transfer From Lab To Million Square Meters (11 Apr)
Organic LCDs: The Journey To Mass Production And Integration Into Products (11 Apr)
Out Of The Lab And Into Production (10 Apr)
Printed Conformable Electronics: Democratization And Decentralization Of Future Healthcare (10 Apr)
Printed Electronics - Key Enabler For Smart HMI Surfaces (10 Apr)
Printed Electronics Of Healthcare Devices And Other Applications (10 Apr)
Printed Electronics: Status Of The Industry 2019-2029 (10 Apr)
Printed Smart Devices - A Truly Mass Printed, Green Technology To Create Connected Electronic Features Without RFID Cost And Complexity (11 Apr)
Real World Smart Packaging For Pharmaceuticals (10 Apr)
Recent Development In Organic Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells (LEC) For In-Air Fabrication (11 Apr)
Reflective Electro-Wetting Displays For Out Of Home Display Applications (11 Apr)
Self-Reducing Conductive Inks For Printed Electronics (11 Apr)
Smart Hybrid Electronics - Addressing The Scale Up Challenge (11 Apr)
Smart Surfaces Beyond Rubber (10 Apr)
Stretchable And Pliable Electronics With Ink-Free SCBI Metallization Process (10 Apr)
The Path To A Trillion Connected Items (11 Apr)
The Shrinking World - Micro Molding Essentials (10 Apr)
Ubiquitous Display, The Golden Age Of OLED (11 Apr)
Ultra-Thin Circuit Design Through PulseForge® Lift Off (11 Apr)
Upcoming Trends In Monitoring The Integrity Of Flexible Printed Electronics Along The Value Chain (11 Apr)
User Interface In Glass (10 Apr)
Welcome and Introduction (10 Apr)
World's First Battery-free Bluetooth Sticker Sensor Tag (11 Apr)

Printed Electronics USA 2019

Abstract title: Plasma Surface Modification of Flexible Materials for Printed Electronics (21 Nov)
ActivegridTM: Global leader in Advanced Transparent Electronic Materials (21 Nov)
Advancing Phosphorescent OLED Displays (21 Nov)
Anisotropic Particle-Filled Polymer Films Structured By Electric Fields - Technology, Applications And Markets (21 Nov)
Are Quantum Dots The Ultimate Flexible Printed Display Technology? (21 Nov)
Be Flexible. Go Digital. Deeper Insights Into The Benefits Of Inkjet For Printed Electronics" (20 Nov)
China's Progress In Advanced Materials (21 Nov)
Closing Comments From the IDTechEx Show! (21 Nov)
Commercial Scale Manufacturing Of Smart Textile Devices (21 Nov)
Current And Potential Film Applications To Support Numerous Industries And Markets (20 Nov)
Customizing Graphene Dispersions: A Key Step in Realizing Graphene Potential (21 Nov)
Dream Big With PragmatIC (20 Nov)
Electronic Labelling And Packaging With Smart Surface Technology Power (21 Nov)
Electroninks - Updates On A Materials Centric Approach To Electronics (21 Nov)
Flexible Electronics In The Real World (20 Nov)
Flexible Electronics With Submicron Patterns Fully Printed By R2R Process (20 Nov)
Flexible Micro-LED Opportunities & Challenges Of Display Industry (21 Nov)
Flexible, Printed And Hybrid Electronics 2019-2029: State Of The Market And Opportunities (20 Nov)
High Volume R2R And S2S Manufacturing Technologies For Flexible Electronics (20 Nov)
Illuminate The Touch: Inks For Advanced Printed Electronics (21 Nov)
Integrated Digital Deposition System Solutions For Functional Inks With Multi Curing Solution For Thin-Film Coating, Fine Conductive Lines And High Resolution Patterns In 2D Or 3D. (20 Nov)
Introducing Smart Packaging In An FMCG Company (21 Nov)
Introduction Of New Materials For Flexible Devices (21 Nov)
Jalisco The Tech Hub In Mexico, Business Opportunities (20 Nov)
Laser Induced Deep Etching of Glass (21 Nov)
Lighter Vehicles And Devices With Shielded Flat Flexible Cables (20 Nov)
Manufacturing and Integrating Printed Electronicss (21 Nov)
Molecular Ink (MINK) Conductive Ink Technology - Enabling Advanced Applications in Printed Electronics (21 Nov)
Next Generation Inks For In-Mold-Electronics And Beyond (21 Nov)
OPV Transfer From Lab To Million Square Meters (21 Nov)
Out Of The Lab And Into Production (21 Nov)
Overcoming The Challenges In Process Development Of Materials For Organic Electronics (20 Nov)
Overcoming The Design Limitations Of ITO On Plastic Films (21 Nov)
Piezotech® Products: Fluorinated Electroactive Polymers for Printed Sensors, Actuators, and Electrocaloric. (21 Nov)
Printed Electrochromics Today - Ultra Low-Power Displays From RFID Labels To Everyday Smart Objects (21 Nov)
Printed Electronics For Motorcycle And Point Of Sale Branding: Untapped Opportunities Across Domains In India (20 Nov)
Rapid Prototyping with Printed Electronics: Drone Design and Advanced Materials (20 Nov)
Real World Smart Packaging For Pharmaceuticals (20 Nov)
Recent Development In Organic Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells (LEC) For In-Air Fabrication (21 Nov)
Scalable Soldering On Thermally Unstable Substrates Using PulseForge Tools. (20 Nov)
Smart Molded Structures--Technology, Applications, System Integration and Innovations (21 Nov)
Sub-25 Micron Conductive Traces Obtained With Advanced Metal Meshes From Asada Mesh (21 Nov)
Technologies For Out-Of-Home & New Applications (20 Nov)
The HMI Evolution In Vehicles (20 Nov)
The Human Machine Interfaces Trends For Automotive, Appliance, And Medical Devices - Technology Driving Today's Market And Into The Future. (20 Nov)
Transparent Conductive Film With Embedded Metallic Structure For Flexible And Emerging Electronics (21 Nov)
Ultra Thin, Flexible Plastic NFC Chip For Use In High Quality Printed Trading And Gaming Cards (21 Nov)
Ultra-Low-Power Display Platform And It's Endless Applications (21 Nov)
US Army's Research On Flexible Hybrid Electronics (21 Nov)
Welcome and Introduction (20 Nov)
Women in STEM Panel Discussion (21 Nov)
Women in STEM Panel Discussion (21 Nov)

Sensors Europe 2019

A Sense Of Smell For The Digital World (11 Apr)
Cardiac Troponin I Molecularly Imprinted Polymers For In-Vitro Diagnostics (10 Apr)
Development Of Energy Harvesting Material For TPMS Sensors (11 Apr)
Development Of Protective Personal Equipment Integrated Printed And Embedded Sensors For Hazardous Environment And Personal Monitorization (11 Apr)
Distributed Vision-Based Sensing Enables New Smart Building Insights (11 Apr)
Droplet Microfluidics Based Chemical Sensor For In Situ And Continuous Monitoring (10 Apr)
EnviCam®, From Multi-Technology Approach Towards Multi-Material Multi-Pixel CMOS Gas Microsensors (11 Apr)
Force Sensing As An Enabler For Novel HMI (11 Apr)
Free Form Smart Surfaces For Automotive: 3D Touch Sensing And Heating By Carbon Nanomaterials (11 Apr)
Fully Printed Sensors For Vibration Based Monitoring And Interaction (11 Apr)
Health Devices Benefit From Thin and Flexible Sensors (11 Apr)
High Density, High Reliability Packaging And Conditioning Solutions For High Performance, Harsh Environment Sensors (10 Apr)
Improve Training And Skills Transfer With Eye Tracking (10 Apr)
Innovative Sensors And Their Applications (10 Apr)
Nanoplasmonic Gas Sensors - A Novel Technology For Air Quality Monitoring (11 Apr)
Next Gen MEMS Sensors: Smart And Ultra-Low Power (10 Apr)
Non-Invasive Medical IoT Technology Indicates Blood Type, Sepsis & Glucose Levels (10 Apr)
Outfitting Common And Curved Objects With Flexible Large Area Sensors And Energy Sources (11 Apr)
Photo Biometric Sensors And AI Integration In The Retail Banking (11 Apr)
Piezoelectric Sensing and Harvesting Reinvented (10 Apr)
Pushing Boundaries With Pressure Sensors (10 Apr)
Quantum Interband Cascade Superlattice Light-Emitting Diodes For Environmental And Health Sensing (10 Apr)
Recent Developments Of MEMS Based Infrared Light Sources, Optics And Detectors (10 Apr)
Sensor & Measurement Systems For Industrial Processes (11 Apr)
Sketch-to-Scale™: New Options In Scaling Up Flexible Sensor Production (10 Apr)
SMA Actuators For Next Generation User Experiences (11 Apr)
Tags Redux - Adding New Value To An Old Friend (10 Apr)
Touch Interaction Taken To The Next Level (11 Apr)
Wearables And AI In Healthcare : Opportunities And Threads (11 Apr)

Sensors USA 2019

A Flexible Piezoelectret Actuator/Sensor Patch For Mechanical Human-Machine Interface (21 Nov)
A New Ultra-fast Simultaneous Drive-Sense Technology for Sensor Applications (21 Nov)
A Sense Of Smell For The Digital World (21 Nov)
Biosensors For Infectious Disease (20 Nov)
Biosensors for Wearable Devices (20 Nov)
CNT ChemFETs As A Scalable And Cost Effective Sensing Platform (21 Nov)
Eco-friendly Quantum-dot UV Imaging Technology (20 Nov)
Health Applications of Sports Wearables (20 Nov)
Innovative Sensors And Their Applications (20 Nov)
Integration Behind Display For Foldable Devices: A Case Study When Printed Electronics Becomes A Total Solution (21 Nov)
Measuring Air Quality: Solutions And Pitfalls In Particulate Sensors (21 Nov)
Non-Invasive Endothelial Vascular Measurements Detects Insulin Pulses And Predicts Glucose Levels (20 Nov)
Printed Sensors On Paper For Smart Packaging (21 Nov)
Reading Flexible, Tactile Sensors: Interface Methods And Performance Tradeoffs (21 Nov)
Safer, Cost-Effective And More Efficient: An Integrated, FMCW-Enabled Approach (20 Nov)
Sensors 2.0: It's All About The Software (20 Nov)
SMA Actuators Shaking Up The Smartphone Market (21 Nov)
Stretchable Printed Electronics SOLUTIONS Will Revolutionize The Way How People Sense The World (20 Nov)
Wearable Gas And Physiological Sensors: GE's Approach For Boosting Sensor Reliability (20 Nov)
Wearable Sweat Sensor Patch (20 Nov)
Zero Power Printed Wireless Sensor Tag For The Health Of Our Population And Planet (21 Nov)

Wearable Europe 2019

A Plastic Holographic Waveguide Combiner For Light-Weight And Highly-Transparent Augmented Reality Glasses (11 Apr)
About The Needs Of An Extended Workbench Of Health Care Centers (10 Apr)
An E-textile Laundry List (10 Apr)
An Investigation Of Temperature Sensing Textiles For Temperature Monitoring In Performance Sports (11 Apr)
Broadening The Human Perception (11 Apr)
From Battery Constraints To Freedom Of Design Innovation In Wearables (10 Apr)
Haptic Wearable For Natural Object Manipulation In Virtual Reality (11 Apr)
How Can I Use A Soft Circuit System (E-textile)? (10 Apr)
Intelligent Shoes Powered by Energy Harvesting (10 Apr)
Losing Sleep Over Sleep Monitoring? (11 Apr)
Machine Learning Of Sports Movement Data Patterns For Injury Prevention In Cricket (11 Apr)
Medical IOT: Where do we stand now and what could arise with 5G ? (11 Apr)
Microdisplays For Industrial Near-To-Eye AR Applications And Other Wearables (11 Apr)
Next Generation Wearables (11 Apr)
Optronics Innovations Serving The Next Wave Of Mixed Reality Headsets (11 Apr)
Our Journey In Wearables: From Niche To Mainstream (10 Apr)
PKvitality K'Watch : Bringing Consumer Electronic Experience To The Medical Device World. (11 Apr)
Printed Electronics For Wearables: Materials, Processes And Applications (11 Apr)
Protection From Digital Elements - The New Role For E-textiles (10 Apr)
Reinventing Hearing Aid Devices With Sensors And Artificial Intelligence (10 Apr)
Smart Clothing For Ergonomics Assessment In Real Working Conditions (10 Apr)
Smart Medical Wearables To Improve Mobility: From Raw Data To Digital Biomarkers (11 Apr)
Smartglasses: Disruption or Distraction? (11 Apr)
Soft IoT - The combination Of Thin Energy And Flexible IoT - Applications In Wearables And Healthcare (11 Apr)
Spray Coated Organic Photodiodes For Medical Imaging (11 Apr)
Strategies To Protect Wearable And Portable Electronic Devices With Plasma Deposited Functional Nanocoatings (10 Apr)
Strategies To Protect Wearable And Portable Electronic Devices With Plasma Deposited Functional Nanocoatings (10 Apr)
Technical Embroidery - A Versatile Opportunity For Wearables And E-Textiles (10 Apr)
Textile Electrodes - A New Paradigm!? (10 Apr)
The Teiimo - ii Series Smart Shirts Become Your Daily Guardian (11 Apr)
Using Heart Rate Variability Analysis To Indicate Athlete Injury Risk And Well-Being (11 Apr)
Wearable Technology: Market Overview And Outlook (10 Apr)
Work Play Communicate (10 Apr)

Wearable USA 2019

Can Wearables Monitor The Silent Killer (BP)? (21 Nov)
Component Mounting For Wearable Applications: A Study Of Performance And Failure Mechanisms (20 Nov)
Demands And Opportunities In The Tech-Fashion Industry (20 Nov)
E-Thread : Embed Primo1D's RFID Yarn In Products To Boost Assets' Digitalization (20 Nov)
Empatica - Developing Digital Endpoints through Continuous Wearable Sensors (21 Nov)
Europlasma Launches World's First Halogen-Free Plasma Nanocoating To Protect Wearable And Portable Electronic Devices (21 Nov)
Extreme Miniaturization: Applied Micro-Molding & High-Velocity Fabrication (20 Nov)
Generating Reliable Data From Duel-Wrist Wearables (20 Nov)
Human Connectedness: Re-imagined (20 Nov)
Hyperspectral Measurement In A Single Ring (21 Nov)
Integrating Disruptive Battery Technology into Next-Gen Smart Devices (20 Nov)
IoT: Stretchable, Smart, Integrated Circuit Cables (20 Nov)
iQmax® Smart Textile Materials and Modules And 2020 Innovative Products (20 Nov)
Medical Wearables For Improved Outcomes in Diabetes (21 Nov)
Next Generation Stretchable Materials (20 Nov)
Next-Generation Smart Apparel "e-skin" And Its Applications To Healthcare And Fitness (20 Nov)
Non-Invasive Biochemical Sensing: Breakthrough For Precision Medicine (21 Nov)
Portable Automatic Intravenous Injection Device (21 Nov)
Printing Medical Wearable Patches (21 Nov)
Reinventing Hearing Aid Devices With Sensors And Artificial Intelligence (20 Nov)
Screen Printed Wearable Electrodes And Biosensors (21 Nov)
Sensoria Health Leveraging Key Remote Patient Monitoring Trends (21 Nov)
Table Stakes: Waterproofing Is the New Must Have In Electronics (20 Nov)
Technical Embroidery - A Versatile Opportunity For Wearables And E-Textiles (20 Nov)
The Future Of MicroLED Displays Using Next-Generation Technologies (21 Nov)
Towards Smart Contact Lens System For AR & VR As Well As Psychometric Applications (21 Nov)
Warp Knitted Solutions For E-Textile Applications (20 Nov)
Wearable Technology: Market Overview And Outlook (20 Nov)
What's In Your Ear? How Hearables Are A Leading Platform For Innovation In Consumer And Medical Wearables (21 Nov)
Women in STEM Panel Discussion (21 Nov)
XR: AR, VR, MR And More: Market Overview And Outlook (21 Nov)