New Application Opportunities By Promising Substance From Carbon Material Family: Graphene Quantum Dots (Graphene USA 2019)

Emre Heves, Managing Director
Quantag Nanotechnologies


USA 2019 _ Quantag Nanotechnologies _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ Quantag Nanotechnologies _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

Graphene quantum dot (GQD) is the promising new substance from the carbon material family. GQD is a 0D graphene material with thickness of a few atoms and lateral dimension typically below 10 nm. GQDs offers new application opportunities due to its bandgap tunability through quantum confinement and edge effects, stable photoluminescence, chemical stability and low toxicity. Owing to their excellent optical, thermal and electrical properties, GQDs have generated enormous excitement in different areas such as ion detection, bio-imaging, photo catalysts, photo detectors, electrochemical luminescence, optical sensors and photovoltaic devices. In this talk, unique properties and applications of GQDs will be presented together with Quantag's approach of using GQDs for product authentication applications.

Speaker Biography (Emre Heves)

Emre Heves earned his PhD in Electronics (2012), MSc in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (2006) and BSc in Microelectronics (2004) from Sabanci University, Turkey. During his PhD studies, he began working in National Electronics and Cryptology Institute focusing on semiconductor fabrication technologies of high frequency and crypto ICs. Then he worked in Sabanci University in the commissioning of new Nanotechnology Center and conducted research on quantum dot based infrared detectors. After that he joined Opet Petroleum Company as business development manager and actively contributed establishing an industry-university collaboration that open a new business area for the company, which leads to a spin-off company (Quantag Nanotechnologies). Currently he is managing director of the Quantag Nanotechnologies.

Company Profile (Quantag Nanotechnologies)

Quantag Nanotechnologies delivers high-end nano-products to specific markets. Our strength is based on the ability to design advanced products/solutions delicately customized to meet industry/customer needs. The company currently focuses on its Quantum Tagging Technology, which enables tracking and authentication of products/brands via tailored quantum dots and ultra-sensitive sensors.
Quantag was founded in early 2014 as a spin-off company from Opet Petroleum with a private equity of Koç Group and Ozturk Group. The research and development staff is comprised of highly qualified scientists specialized in quantum dot synthesis, flow reaction processes and sensor technologies. Quantag also collaborates with universities and institutions to extend its innovation capabilities, and cooperate with companies for market oriented innovations.
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