Lighter Vehicles And Devices With Shielded Flat Flexible Cables (Printed Electronics USA 2019)

Mr Tommi Rintala, CEO
New Cable Corporation


USA 2019 _ New Cable Corporation _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

Round cables have dominated all cable markets for more than a century. Our product, Shielded Flat Flexible Cable - SFFC, is disrupting this dominance. Climate Change is the biggest driver to reduce material usage and our SFFC is responding to that. SFFC reduces not only end product weight but provide excellent EMI and RF protection.

Speaker Biography (Tommi Rintala)

Tommi Rintala has M.Sc Econ and B.Sc(Eng). He has 20 years of entrepreneurship experience, and has worked as CEO, Technical Manager, and most of the all roles in software project management, design, development and telecommunication industry. He is keen Open Source Software contributor and has focused on distributed monitoring data systems, automation technology, telecommunication industry, wood chip energy production industry and 3D graphics. He is also active diving guide. Mr. Rintala understands how large things are formed from the tiniest details and he knows what and how has to be done if something has to be created.

Company Profile (New Cable Corporation)

Wireless communication is increasing while, as contradictory as it seems, better quality cables demand is growing in order to implement networks. No more savings can be expected from traditional cabling which are heavy and subjected to EMI interference while the reliability of cabling is an absolute necessity since human lives and cargo have value. At New Cable Corporation we solve these problems by offering high quality reliable flat cables, lighter and more eco-firendly. Our cables have a reduced carbon footprint as less material is necessary for their production and their transportation is facilitated given their flat shape. There is also a possibility to embed antennas, LEDs, IC's and other functionality.
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